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Repo info
Andrey Mikhaylov (lolmaus)
@koistya Any news on debugging babel-starter-kit modules in Chrome?
Konstantin Tarkus
@lolmaus I'm not sure if it's a good idea to include that into the kit, maybe on a separate branch..
@lolmaus it might depend to much on what exactly you're building... e.g. if you're developing React components, it might be a great idea to use react-storybook for testing in a browser
Andrey Mikhaylov (lolmaus)
@koistya I'm building a generic library, useful in both Node and browser.
And I HATE developing with terminal output as the only way of debugging.
Francisco Pena
Any one can help me with this
Joel Alejandro Villarreal Bertoldi
Hey there, just left a PR for an issue I discovered with a colleague in package.json: kriasoft/babel-starter-kit#100
Andrey Mikhaylov (lolmaus)
@bala020304 Sending to every channel out of desperation?
Mitch Zelmanovich
I just want to use babel so I can use import and export in node js
but it appears not to be working
any assistance i coudl get would be great
Andrey Mikhaylov (lolmaus)
@mzelmanovich In order to receive help, you must be very specific and explicit about your issue.
Robert Butler
so can I use this from a simple html file that includes the correct scripts and everything?
Kirk Kohler
off topic but searching the net I stumbled here.
anyone know if "web-starter-kit" by google is a dead project?
suggestions on the "replacement." not sure I need react, angular for a 1 page website i'm trying to create
Is this repo still alive?
Andrey Mikhaylov (lolmaus)
@vinaybedre Doesn't look like it. No contributions for over a year.
Vladimir Kutepov
would be nice to update it but maybe it make sense to wait babel 7 release

Hi, I use babel but eslint shows error 'Unexpected token :' here:

function feature (features: string | Array<string>)

How to learn Eslint that is is es6 syntax ?

Vladimir Kutepov
but it is not valid javascript syntax, probably it is flow or typescript
Marco Faustinelli
Very naive question... I am writing a library that will run in browsers. AFAIS the formats created by babel-start-kit are all meant for server-side libraries.
Or am I wrong?
Marco Faustinelli
OK, using the umd version
but stil... I cannot see how the final "exports" is made available in the global namespace
last line in my es6 index.js is: export crosspromo from './crosspromo.js';

in the umd file it gets translated to

exports.crosspromo = crosspromo$1;
Object.defineProperty(exports, '__esModule', { value: true });

I see there is a window.exports object
but it's empty
can you see where I am doing wrong?
Marco Faustinelli
found the answer
please disregard
Christian Ahidjo
hi there, I'm using babel 7 and webpack. I would like to transform arrow function so that IE 11 doesn't throw any syntax error here are my configs http://jsbin.com/cikeluzequ/edit?js
Andrey Mikhaylov (lolmaus)
Wow, open source spam.