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Ravi Vasoya
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
hi, I'm migrating my project from angular to react.
I've used handlebars template.
My question is that should I keep handlebar template and migration to React is possible or should I go with JSX ?
Hey! Simple question, but does anyone know how to pass res.locals into context to be accessible by components?
Sahbi Jabnouni

Hi React Developers,

I have launched a new app for designing web and mobile applications and generating the code for different frameworks (i.e., React, React Native, Angular, and VueJs).
Flexerapp will make your UI design and development faster, easier, and more flexible.

I will appreciate if you give it a try and send me any feedback.

You can download Windows or Mac version.

Many thanks :)

Alex Barkell
Hello, I am still working on learning the codebase for the starter kit and I am not seeing an example on how to handle post requests on the redux feature branch. Could anyone please point me in the right direction for where to look? Thanks!

A String is called a palindrome if it can be read the same way in either direction For example, "malayalam" is a palindrome, but "tamil" is not

There are S students in a class. Some of them are fiends, while some are not. Their friendship is transitive in nature. For example, if A is a direct friend of B and B is a direct friend of C, then A is an indirect friend of C.

A "social circle" is a group of students who are direct or indirect friends.

You are given a S*S matrix M (S is the number of students) representing the friend relationship between students in the class. if M[i][j] = 1, then the ith and jth students are direct friend with eachother, otherwise not.

Your task is to return the string, representing all the social circles separated by pipe(i) among all the students. Individual members within circle should be seprated by a comma(,)

Write a function

function solution(s);
that given a zero-indexed double-dimensional array A of dimensions S*S (in string format to be converted to a 2-dimensional array), returns a string representing pipe-separated (|) social circles of comma-separated friends.

The function should return "0,1|2" (qutoes for representation purpose only)

The 0th and 1st students are direct friends (M[0][1]) = 1 and subsequently M[1][0] = 1), so they are in a social circle.

The 2nd student is in her/his own social circle. So return 2.

For another example, given:

M = "[
the function should return "0,1,2"

The 0th and 1st students are direct friends, the 1st and 2nd students are direct friends. Thus, the 0th and 2nd are indirect friends. All of them are ub tge sine sociak curckes si retyrb 1.

You can assume that:

for every i within the range [0.. N - 1] M[i][i] = 1
In your solution, focus on correctness. The performance of your solution will not be the focus of the assessment
any solution in javascript

Javier Pons
hi folks,
I want to upload using react and node, express a js file to mongodb. Any link or best and simple tech to do it?
Javier Pons
any npm library?
In react starter kit, how do I set the environment variables? I'm new to Postgresql, I just install it and launched pgadmin, started the server trying to give the app a url to use
I see config.js but then it's pointing to a process.env type object which I don't know where it is
I guess I just put it in config.js
Ravi Vasoya
So I put a default .env in there with just PORT=3234 and it's still using 3000
In the root directory
And restarted the server
So Now I endeavor to connect to a local postgres database
Benjamin Bordel
Here is my issue : I'm using React with isomorphic style loader. I would like to access to child component methods through refs from parent component using withStyles. I did try to use ref, but withStyles break them, they're not available as long as I use withStyles. What is the right way to do that ?
Hey everyone, I am having some difficulty in Hot reload in development. Is there any good documentation on this ?
Hot Module Replacement is a feature offered by webpack. Here is the official doc: https://webpack.js.org/guides/hot-module-replacement/ that gives a detail guide.
Ryan Leulmi
hello guys
I would like to limit the amount of times a scroll event is triggered
Ahmed Rebai
i'm new here
how can i help
Arye Shalev
Hi guys, who ever has a blog or post on Medium stuff that are related to programming, I am working on a new publishing platform, its my side project and i worked reallllly hard on it - I would love for your feedback! if you love publishing and curating content - PLEASE PM ME :)
if my message is not following chat room rules i will delete it! thanks.
Suraj Gupta
Hello I need some help regarding react component, can anyone give me some kisckstart about how can I use react component in plain html pages, I have created a sample component using this - https://neutrinojs.org/packages/react-components/
Ahmed Rebai
you need to integrate reactjs Library in your web page
Dinesh Kumar
I need some help with react build
I had my react app using npm run build
but when I deployed it to s3 and I open it in my browser I am able to see all my folder structure of components and even the code .
Can someone suggest me with a good and secure practice for building a react app
i mean what can i use for debugging such issues? never done it before
Dinesh Kumar
@nadiaschutz Do you have access to the source code?

Hi There, I have build an react application using webpack. i am getting an issue like : describe: optionsSchema.definitions.output.properties.path.description,

TypeError: Cannot read property 'properties' of undefined

Could you please suggest me anything wrong.
Babatoonday Mattieu
TypeError: this.state.developers.map is not a function
import React, { Component } from 'react'
import './App.css';
import Developer from './Developer/Developer';

class App extends Component {

   state = { 
    developers: [
      {id: 1, name: 'Mattieu', role: 'Full-Stack'},
      {id: 2, name: 'Jeff', role: 'Full-Stack'},
      {id: 3, name: 'Damilola', role: 'Mobile Dev'},
      {id: 4, name: 'Sunday', role: 'Software'}
    showDevelopers: false

  nameChangedHandler = (event, id) => {

    const developerIndex = this.state.developers.findIndex(dev => {
      return dev.id === id 

    const developer = {

    developer.name = event.target.value;
    const devDetail =  [...this.state.developers];
    devDetail[developerIndex] = developer;

    this.setState({developers: developer });

  deleteDeveloperHandler = (developerIndex) => {
    // const allDevelopers = this.state.developers.slice();
    const allDevelopers = [...this.state.developers];
    allDevelopers.splice(developerIndex, 1);
    this.setState({developers: allDevelopers});

  toggleDevelopersHandler = () => {
      const doesShow = this.state.showDevelopers;
      this.setState({ showDevelopers: !doesShow});

  render() {
    const style = {
      backgroundColor: '#4baea0',
      font: 'inherit',
      border: '1px solid #4baea0',
      padding: '8px',
      color: '#fff',
      fontWeight: 'bolder',
      cursor: 'pointer',
      borderRadius: '4px',
      boxShadow: '1px 1px 2px 2px #4baea0'

    let developers = null;

    if (this.state.showDevelopers ) { 
      developers = (
          { this.state.developers.map((developer, index) => {
            return <Developer 
                      click={() => this.deleteDeveloperHandler(index)}
                      name ={developer.name}
                      changed={(event) => this.nameChangedHandler(event, developer.id)} />

    return (
      <div className="App">
        <h1>Divergent Developer Circle!</h1>
                onClick={this.toggleDevelopersHandler}>Toggle Developer


export default App;
Justo Ramon Gonzalez Chavez
hola a todos, alguien q hable spanish?
could someone implement react-starter-kit with local storage using sequelize and sqlite?
Guillermo García López
Is it possible to use a sequelize model (e.g. User) and bring all the users from the DB and use them in a react component? Or do I have to create an API in the same RSK project to achive that? I can't find a good solution.
Pedro Diaz
any one here
Pedro Diaz
Ahmed Rebai
what's the right way to add components to the boilerplate frontend with styles?
Divyesh Bhalala
I am getting route not found error but it's work perfect can you please help me in this
Ahmed Rebai
@aquinn637 try with expo
you can build for both android and ios
Hello Everybody, I'm React Developer I'm looking to join team to start working on reactjs or react native projects