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Repo info
Ahmed Rebai
@aquinn637 try with expo
you can build for both android and ios
Hello Everybody, I'm React Developer I'm looking to join team to start working on reactjs or react native projects
Kamran Tahir
hey guys, it is showing error on stylelint --fix on variables.css not found in config
hi, what is the username and password for the react starter app ?
Shak Daniel
Anyone knows how to test a ternary operator using Jest? Ex…
return ( 
    <div onClick={toggleCtrl.setOpen}>Toggle</div>
    { !isOpen ? <h1>Hide</h1> : <h1>Show</h1> }
Soroush Chehresa
nice to see you all
Mohammed Ali Abdul
I want to change the port of react-starter-kit, I tried chaning port in .env and config.jsm but invain.
Anybody can you help me to change the port of react-starter-kit?
@mohdalivas you can change port in "src/config.js"
Yasmin nygate
any advice on how best to add standard js to our code?

a react particle animation component


Mohammed Safi
hi guys im new to coding i want to dispay my Form.jsx to my AddWord.jsx Form.jsx is a form Addword.jsx is a button in Addword.js onclick i have to dispay Form.jsx
help me

import React from 'react'
import App from '../App'
import Form from './Form'

function AddWords() {
return (
<button type="button" onclick="">Click Me!</button>

export default AddWords

Mohsen Shafiei
A new webpack plugin to filter webpack huge stats and beautify webpack output.
what's the purpose of the client.js ?
just record the history?
can someone help me ?
I can only see the hotreplacement and history.listen
Giovanni M Guidini
Hi guys :wave:
@mohsenshafiei cool
Giuseppina Vicari
Hello developers! I'm an IT recruiter and currently I'm looking a Front End Developer (ReactJS) for our client in Malta. If you're interested or want to know more, kindly contact me here or to giuseppina@spotonconnections.com :)
Hello! I am a beginner and trying to understand how can I make a page for authorized users only. I see the possibility of login via Facebook and a function that uses passport, but is there an example of how to create a private page?
Hello there... i need some help to set server with https
can some body give me a hand??
how can i check login user in all route :(

@tongrow checkout http://www.passportjs.org/packages/

I'm considering it now for authentication

Make It Count
Happy new year everyone :)

I found this to be a good resource to plan developer career

21 ways for developers to grow in 2020


This is a detailed research covering different areas such as remote jobs, speaking at conferences, independent research projects, side projects, etc.

It is great but not support with mysql so sad
Hi, I'm all ready to develop React application. I've done more than 15 projects in React, Redux, Next, Material UI.
My hourly payment ranges between $8 to $10 , affordable for anyone.
Message me if you are going to build an amazing application or website.
Hi, doctor-sam where are you from?
Which one is better React or Next?
Anyone explain exactly!
Jude Edward Kevin
Hi everyone, I am noob, does anyone here know how to merge react-starter-kit with its apollo branch?
Shoaib Ud-Din
Hi, Any recommended tutorial or repo to deploy react-starter-kit to AWS?
Hello All, I today I just setup a react-redux application using typescript, redux-thunk technology. In this project, I have used a container pattern. I am requesting to all, Could you review my code, Suggestions really appreciated and help my carrier. Here is a project github link https://github.com/devbinod/react-redux-typescript.
Cheikhany ould Ejiwen
i delete the file (registerServiceWorker.js) from my react project ... how can i generate new one ?
Sharon Shmorak
Hi, Is this the place for react newbies to ask dumb questions? I am interested mostly in understanding the underlying Functional Programming tricks.
i have theme provider inside root index.tsx how could i update the Theme form child
more like child child child
hi, i need help with local storage i created simple example codesnadbox https://codesandbox.io/s/flamboyant-neumann-hbvgd i have problem with my custom hook thats should use local storage but doesn't update where it is used