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Repo info
Nice content, so much convincing and easy to grasp. Thank you for sharing.
DevOps Certification
Nikhil Sharma
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The blog has a lot of interesting information. Thanks to splunk training for sharing the information
Simran Bano
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Pankaj Nagla
Website is so easy to use – I am impressed with it. Thank you for Sharing. DevOps Course
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hi, while i login with laravel8 and react
it shows 422
https://github.com/mertbuldur/Laravel-8-React-Js this is the project that i cloned also
Prasad Jayasinghe
Hi all I'm new to react any useful links or mini-project to start off
Edward Li
hi guys, can anyone explain to me the difference between Redux saga and thunk? also which one is more popular? thanks in advance
Edward Li
Anyone can help me plz?
use thunk
Edward Li
thanks @berniedev007
Edward Li
hello guys, I just learnt about react and redux state management, and I just hope to have some experience in react app development. so if you guys are interested in me, just DM me. I will help u guys for free in exchange for some experience Thanks^^
Is there anyone who's good at Ant Design?
Please DM me
Ankita Garg
Nice content, so much convincing and easy to grasp. Thank you for sharing. sap analytics cloud training
React.js/React Native Developer
Experience: 3-5 Years
We are starting a new react native project, so someone with strong react native skills are preferred.
DM me please for more details
I have more than 5 years in react developing. If someone need help, please feel free to contact me.
Reghuram Karunamurthi
Hi, I recently migrated from mui v4 to v5 in react and It seems to be breaking a lot of front-end designs. Is there any safe way to migrate from mui v4 to v5
Hi guys I'm a beginner in React js can anyone suggest a better course
Full Stack Developer
Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you.
Jeff Smith
Develop performance-oriented and human-centric web applications and other innovative solutions with our react development company Services. Our React JS Development Company has over 7 years of experience in helping SMBs and Fortune 500 companies enhance their digital presence and scalability by embracing avant-garde technological innovations at just $10 per hour.
Ankita Garg
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Viv Grg
Selenium Training Online from IgmGuru can help you become an expert in architecture and selenium components. The Selenium Course Online helps you to master the entire 3.0 suite. The Selenium Online Training begins with a review of essential Java concepts before moving on to the principles of test automation and its usefulness in the workplace. Visit : https://www.igmguru.com/digital-marketing-programming/selenium-training/
Viv Grg
Selenium Training Online from IgmGuru can assist you with turning into a specialist in design and selenium parts. The Selenium Course Online assists you with dominating the whole 3.0 suite. The Selenium Online Training starts with an audit of fundamental Java ideas prior to continuing on to the standards of test mechanization and its helpfulness in the work environment.
Tarun Saini
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Hello everyone, for first time I am working with React and I am trying to run an existing project but I need someone's help over this:
"scripts": {
"dev": "ENVIRONMENT=.env.development next dev",
"build": "next build",
"start": "ENVIRONMENT=.env.production next start",
"lint": "next lint"

'ENVIRONMENT' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

The selenium training is designed to train developers and manual testers to learn how to automate web applications with a robust framework, and integrate it within the DevOps processes of an organization.
Pankaj Nagla
Mulesoft developer training – Level 1 should be able to successfully work on basic Mule 4 projects with guidance and supervision. The MCD – Level 1 (Mule 4) exam validates that a developer has the required knowledge and skills to design, build, test and debug, deploy, and manage basic APIs and integrations: moving from Anypoint Platform to Anypoint Studio and back.

Hi Everyone, LinkedIn is hiring a Software Engineer - Android. Anywhere in the US, full time.

In this role, you will design and execute user-facing features for the native LinkedIn app as well as LinkedIn Learning app on Android devices, by leveraging mobile operating system frameworks for multi-threading, persisting data, and managing user experience and graphics across multiple screen sizes.

Key Skills: API, Android, OOP, (MVC/MVVM/MVP), Data structures and Algorithms

Please send your resume directly at masundaray@linkedin.com, or ping me if you have any queries.

Nikhil sharma
Considered needs to be given to the primary focus of the uipath training license program. Some programs cater more towards the “managerial” area of uipath, although some other programs, like the license track uipath training, have a focus on the technical side of uipath and need you to have a base knowledge in programming or development.
Kizito Njoku
Just jumped into React related community Hi everyone.
Kizito Njoku
Hey does anyone here use createSlice for their reducer?
Amresh Kumar
hey i made a project using react , here's the demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqtKGGTlQC4
Antar Qualyval

hey i made a project using react , here's the demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqtKGGTlQC4

can you please want to share your source code?

Hi all! I Built https://www.codefromscreenshot.com a free utility that extracts text from code screenshots- Looking for some feedback as well :)
Convert Vy
Hello, I have my new site which called https://vyconvert.com/. VyConvert is the place where you can find everything about converting: celcius to farenheit convert, convert cm to inches, convert pdf to word, etc. The main purpose of vyconvert.com is to provide a comprehensive collection of convert-type results matching your search! Hope you like it and take a look at it
Amresh Kumar
Hi checkout my react project "Figma Clone", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqtKGGTlQC4
Any body can help with a docker file?
Cupid Gracer
Gomez Calvin
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Abdur Rahim
Hi guys,
I need react js best course for begginers
and also guide me for which framework is best for forntend
with .net , react is best or angular