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Repo info
Mohsen Shafiei
A new webpack plugin to filter webpack huge stats and beautify webpack output.
what's the purpose of the client.js ?
just record the history?
can someone help me ?
I can only see the hotreplacement and history.listen
Giovanni M Guidini
Hi guys :wave:
@mohsenshafiei cool
Giuseppina Vicari
Hello developers! I'm an IT recruiter and currently I'm looking a Front End Developer (ReactJS) for our client in Malta. If you're interested or want to know more, kindly contact me here or to giuseppina@spotonconnections.com :)
Hello! I am a beginner and trying to understand how can I make a page for authorized users only. I see the possibility of login via Facebook and a function that uses passport, but is there an example of how to create a private page?
Hello there... i need some help to set server with https
can some body give me a hand??
how can i check login user in all route :(

@tongrow checkout http://www.passportjs.org/packages/

I'm considering it now for authentication

Make It Count
Happy new year everyone :)

I found this to be a good resource to plan developer career

21 ways for developers to grow in 2020


This is a detailed research covering different areas such as remote jobs, speaking at conferences, independent research projects, side projects, etc.

It is great but not support with mysql so sad
Hi, I'm all ready to develop React application. I've done more than 15 projects in React, Redux, Next, Material UI.
My hourly payment ranges between $8 to $10 , affordable for anyone.
Message me if you are going to build an amazing application or website.
Hi, doctor-sam where are you from?
Which one is better React or Next?
Anyone explain exactly!
Jude Edward Kevin
Hi everyone, I am noob, does anyone here know how to merge react-starter-kit with its apollo branch?
Shoaib Ud-Din
Hi, Any recommended tutorial or repo to deploy react-starter-kit to AWS?
Hello All, I today I just setup a react-redux application using typescript, redux-thunk technology. In this project, I have used a container pattern. I am requesting to all, Could you review my code, Suggestions really appreciated and help my carrier. Here is a project github link https://github.com/devbinod/react-redux-typescript.
Cheikhany ould Ejiwen
i delete the file (registerServiceWorker.js) from my react project ... how can i generate new one ?
Sharon Shmorak
Hi, Is this the place for react newbies to ask dumb questions? I am interested mostly in understanding the underlying Functional Programming tricks.
i have theme provider inside root index.tsx how could i update the Theme form child
more like child child child
hi, i need help with local storage i created simple example codesnadbox https://codesandbox.io/s/flamboyant-neumann-hbvgd i have problem with my custom hook thats should use local storage but doesn't update where it is used
Vivek krishna Varma
Any idea how we can identify based on some simple criteria(element attr, some meta info etc that need to be generic ) the hosted/deployed/running web-app is made of using react.
By looking / inspect / analyze we can say that the application running based on react application partially or fully.
e.g. like every angular app is identified using ng-version attribute ?
Vivek krishna Varma
one way i found window.REACT_DEVTOOLS_APPEND_COMPONENT_STACK var . looks like this is available only in case of react apps is this the good criteria ?
Vivek krishna Varma
any updates from anyone ?
how can i check user login in route ? Anyone help me :(((
Thai Le Dinh
it's so difficult :/
Julian Tellez
tip: type npx typescript-react in your command line to bootstrap a typescript plus react application from scratch :)
@thaild_gitlab you say right , very hard :(((
Sukhbold Altangerel
hello guys, can I ask beginner react questions here?
Patrick Sauerborn
Hey everybody, does anyone know of any examples where react-starter-kit was implemented in a real project and where the code is open source?
Hey, has anyone added Typescript to this project?
Hey, how can I config webpack to generate minified files in production? (yarn build --release, using docker "RUN yarn install --production --no-progress")
@adamsh25 OK I ran yarn build --release before running docker command and now I can see the files are minified but without the .min extension
I am new to react native .
I followed the below tutorial and got the slider working. https://medium.com/@rossbulat/react-native-carousels-with-horizontal-scroll-views-60b0587a670c
but the problem is when I run in ios simulator I see only one element
so I tried adjusting the container width to 50% in styles.
but not working.
one more thing is in simulator I need to click each item to swipe to left
its not working as normal swipe.
can you let me know how to enable the swipe in the simulator.
I debugged the code but not sure where I need to enable.
but in codesandbox swipe works fine
can you tell me how to fix it.
providing my code snippet and sandbox below
Rob Lifford
Anyone free to help me better understand some things about isomorphic-style-loader?
Burak Targaç
Hi guys,
trying to load data fetching on the server, how shoul I handle that by configuration? for exeample I want to define an array of actions and dispatch them on server side before returning the HTML response ?
Hamed Sedighi
Hi. anybody knows how can I solve the backgroundImage? https://codesandbox.io/s/staging-resonance-61-61sfo
Hi Everyone, I have one dropdown with 2 options say A and B, and I have one card component page and have JSON which contains 2 objects one for A and another for B can anyone tell me how can I render object for A when user select option A from the dropdown and for B vice versa dynamically?
Burak Targaç
Hi @nitinknolder do you have the code on codesandbox or any platform reachable ? Or a repository url? Basically you have to listen change event on the select, then set the state to render corresponding component in the return block of the function component (thinking your component is stateless)