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Nick Anthony
Can anyone provide me with a rough idea of how to properly fork the apollo-pure branch?
Based on the docs it looks like you need to use the tracking PR here kriasoft/react-starter-kit#1666 Though it make sense, I'm not sure I've ever seen that before. Generally I'll just check out the branch. Wanted to double check that's the best way to go...
<Route path> not passing props like match and location in child element.. I have to use withRouter
hi all, iam using react-viewer package .. but it isn't support for ssr ..Please help me !!
Hi guys, the react starter kit generated from create-react-app causes crash on heroku. Should I set any buildpack when creating heroku app?
Nipuna Akalana Perera
I think react-starter-kit is a great project. In my requirement is I used frontend for this and I wish to use laravel for my backend. Is there any way to integrate both two. Thank you.
Can a react theme be completed in 6 - 8 weeks? With Configurable theme

I am getting below error message on doing "Yarn Install" for React-starter-kit

"sqlite3: Command failed.
Exit code: 4294967295
Command: node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build"

on "Yarn Start"
Error: Please install sqlite3 package manually

Can anyone pls help on this...Thank You

Heyy.. Can anyone please help in for autofill via LinkedIn
Shekhar Ramola
browser back button doesn't work in react ?
Nooo.. Redirect URi doesnt work
Shekhar Ramola
ow to fix it?
Idk. Thats what I am asking. How does sign in via linkedin works?
Hi, How to config material ui or ant design?
Sohail Badghisi
Hello everyone, I want to make a chat application using react for last year project in college, I learned Javascript and worked on some small projects.. but I don't know which technology should I use, is it really hard to build such app in react??
Not that hard @sohailbadghisi1
This message was deleted
Hello all
I have a project to convert design in to pages.
roughly 25 - 30 hours of work
anyone interested?
@berniedev007 I am interested
@sohailbadghisi1 not that hard
I am just looking for a open source to contribute.
I am very proficient in React and Redux
My well structured code are being used widely for many starters.
@Reactist215 Where can I find your "well-structured code" that is being widely used?
Pratap Sharma
Yep, I am here
Pratap Sharma
Are you familiar with Gatsby?
Yes, of course
Pratap Sharma
Hey, guys,
I am gonna make the website using Next.js.
But, just curious which method I should choose for managing the state. In many Next.js templates, the Cookie is used for the data management.
Anyone can help me to clarify my issue? Thanks
Pratap Sharma
Hello, @Reactist215 , if you have your certain opinion, please let me know. :)
Next.js is just framework using React.
State Management would be done by the same principle like plain React.
Pratap Sharma
you mean redux?
Am I close to your problem?
Pratap Sharma
not at all
Mathieu K
hello :) I'm trying to implement Auth route protection wih the starter kit. Is there a guide somewhere as to how to do that?
Hello, every body, now you can use composition api in react, https://github.com/concentjs/concent/blob/master/README.md
@Pratap22 cool

Hello everybody
I need urgent help to make React component like calendar scheduler. It should be built purely by react plain code without any React library.
Please check attached gif file.


The main goal of this project is to check CSS animation skill so I need to build the component as similar as possible in terms of animation.
If you know any similar example, it would be great and please let me know.
Thank you and sincerely looking forward to your help.

Enes Karpuz
Hello everyone, I've released a text editor library that you can use in your image editing application etc . https://github.com/eneskarpuz/react-native-drag-text-editor
Hello everyone, anyone who knows how to install material-ui and react-spring permantely
Abhinav Das
hey, is there a straightforward way to integrate google analytics to the react-starter-kit?