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Repo info

Hello everybody
I need urgent help to make React component like calendar scheduler. It should be built purely by react plain code without any React library.
Please check attached gif file.


The main goal of this project is to check CSS animation skill so I need to build the component as similar as possible in terms of animation.
If you know any similar example, it would be great and please let me know.
Thank you and sincerely looking forward to your help.

Enes Karpuz
Hello everyone, I've released a text editor library that you can use in your image editing application etc . https://github.com/eneskarpuz/react-native-drag-text-editor
Hello everyone, anyone who knows how to install material-ui and react-spring permantely
Abhinav Das
hey, is there a straightforward way to integrate google analytics to the react-starter-kit?
Abhinav Das
can i use react-ga?
Arminder Pal Singh

Hi, I am trying to Connect home component with redux store, I am getting an error Invariant Violation: Could not find "store" in either the context or props of "Connect(Home)". Either wrap the root component in a <Provider>, or explicitly pass "store" as a prop to "Connect(Home)".

May anyone please help me with this, I am stuck at this part where we have to access global state

Kliti elezi
would anyone be able to help me?
it's the first time i use react but it doesn't work i'm problem
can I write here?
Ali Torki

Published PWA-Badge library with 100% code coverage 🥳

Like Native Apps, The App Badge API allows installed web apps to set an application-wide badge, shown in an operating-system-specific place associated with the application (such as the shelf or home screen).
Badges tend to be more user-friendly than notifications and can be updated with a much higher frequency since they don't interrupt the user. And, because they don't interrupt the user, they don't need the user's permission.

For supporting me, Please click on the Star button on Github and Share this post and finally send the Repo to your friends.

Github Repo:

hello guys iam trying to create a form using react ,node js can any one help me after creatind a simply react page how can i add my node files to the website
Hi Guys I wanna do my final year project on React Native. Please tell me some ideas that are current in demand

Hi Guys I wanna do my final year project on React Native. Please tell me some ideas that are current in demand

HI. I am React Native expert with 6 + years of experience .

I'd like you to discuss .
Niskarsh Dwivedi
Hi guys! I have started learning react from now. Please do help me in this journey.
Hello, everybody. I am ReactJS starter. I would like to learn ReactJS. Anybody help me to confirm the direction.
Hello React 🙃
1 reply
Can anybody please help me where is my mistake? Thanks in Advanced for your kind help.
Anyone who has 5+ years experience with React? If you're looking for jobs, please DM me.
Dear Bernie
I've 5+years experience with React.
Burak Targaç
Hi @Coder-Hossain when the component is first rendered you don't have a valid team yet. First the component is rendered then The effects are run afterwards, so you have to check if your team is valid before trying to show team.anyProperty; you can make a ternary statementlike this team ? YourMarkupAsBefore : else a skeleton loader etc. A little bit late for answering but hope that helps further readers
Raunak Tamang
hey guys i build small contact us form in react, material and saving it to the firestore
h please check my post in dev ttps://dev.to/cyberhoax/contact-form-in-material-ui-and-firestore-h6m
I'm new in react.
Please tell me What is the main difference between Expo CLI and CLI
Amauri Santos
Hello everyone ! I'm studying to become a front end developer. I would love to have someone to code with me. We could make projects together and at the same time practice react + node + express + sql or noSql + git and so on. Also, it would be nice to use the Agile scrum methodology to guide us with our projects. I think in that way we could develop good practices and get a job really quick!