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Feb 2015
Kris Leech
Feb 16 2015 12:59
@replaid thanks for sharing! Why not after_save { |thing| broadcast(:thing_captured, thing) if thing_captured_changed? }.
Ryan Platte
Feb 16 2015 14:33
That's clearer and leaner, thanks. (it will need to be an after_commit but that's beside the point)
Yan Pritzker
Feb 16 2015 20:56
I found a very interesting issue if you "return" out of an "on" block causing the wisper loop to terminate early as the return causes the calling context to exit. I have a blog post coming out soon on this topic. If anyone is interested in more details please let me know.
Kris Leech
Feb 16 2015 23:27
@skwp does having the return mean some events are never sent? Happy to wait for the blog post if it does explain well here :)
If anyone is interested I started a repo for relaying Wisper events to RabbitMQ (just a README so far).