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Aug 2015
Aug 11 2015 01:01
Hi Krystian. Do you know or/and plan to publish the "on-device-calibration" as a camera_info message? i've looked at the api from DUO, they deliver intrinsics and extrinsics, so these need to converted somehow (haven't looked into details) to the camera_info message.
Sai Anirudh
Aug 11 2015 05:31
extrinsics is the rotation and translation matrix
Sai Anirudh
Aug 11 2015 05:37
it is a size 12 matrix of which 9 values are for rotation matrix. 3 values are for translation.
The intrinsics is also of size 12. But their values are as follows:
0-5 - Lens radial distortion coefficients (k1-k6)
6-7 - Tangential distortion coefficients (p1-p2)
8-9 - Focal lengths coefficients (fx, fy)
10-11 - Center of projection coefficients (cx, cy)
Aug 11 2015 11:56
thx, sai. i will look if i can publish a camera_info message from the data on the device.
Krystian Gebis
Aug 11 2015 15:25
i actually have been working on that part since yesterday funny enough, and put aside finishing dense3d until i get this done
will post updates here as i go along today @gitunit
basically just have been looking through the camera_info_manager code as well as camera_calibration to see how it fills the camera_info message