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Travis Webb
We transferred it into our Langa org because we will continue to fix issues when necessary, but we will not be adding any new features or capability.
Because we're focusing on Trails, and we can't be everywhere at once, the activity in sails-permissions, sails-auth, our waterline adapters, etc. will decrease, since activity of Sails itself has decreased. We're not using Sails in any of our new projects, so it's also possible that bugs will appear in newer versions of Node that we don't notice
@jdaltonchilders ^^
J. Dalton Childers
@tjwebb Thanks for the update.
Travis Webb
Let me know if you have any other questions. We realize that our decision will impact many users of sails-permissions and other modules we maintain, it was a hard pill to swallow. For my explanation of why we chose this course of action, see https://github.com/balderdashy/sails/issues/3429#issuecomment-165004024
Hi there
Is it possible to install and run sails-permission on an existing sails app ?
I mean, our application has already many controllers and models, we actually use JWT, and we would like to use sails permission (with JWT) on this existing app
Is anyone active on thos channel
Im having a problem with the populate tag
Is there a reason why populate has need set to false globally
can i set it to tru does this ahve any implications
Alex Onozor
has any done file upload with angular and sails?
Jaime Giraldo
hi. where Set environment variables in sails app?
this item
Agustín Siles
anybody has experience with JWT?
Sulejman Sarajlija
This plugin is dead I presume ...
Travis Webb
We're looking for someone to take over maintenance
Travis Webb
If you'd like to help contribute, please do. If you'd like to complain about free stuff not being worked on for free, then fuck off.
How to create a First Error function that will execute with exec()
I want to create a callback function that will work with Something.exec(). Anyone can point me in the right direction?
Sails.js version 12 what express version does it use?
Hi, I have been looking around but I could not find a decent example using sails-permissions with using custom roles and using a model rather than using blue prints
It would be of great help if someone could post the example. Thanks in advance
I found this one but it did not create user model explicitly but I need a user model explicitly http://threeninetyfive.net/blog/2015/07/14/sails-permissions-by-example/
Eugen Klymniuk
@Rafi993 Look this - maybe find something interesting: http://www.gitterforum.com/discussion/langateam-sails-permissions?page=13
@Keramet the repo should have complete example source. That would help anyone trying to use it
Travis Webb
Timi Ajiboye
Hey, I need help overriding fixtures/permission.js: I don't want it to add create permissions to registered.
Brylie Christopher Oxley
Hi all, I am trying to install the sails-permissions module. Is there an example, e.g. a Gist, of how local.js should look after Step 3 (configure environment variables) in the README?
I keep getting errors when running sails lift.
Nathan Brenner
Does sails-permissions play nicely with Auth0?
Võ Ngọc Minh
Võ Ngọc Minh
HI alls, I have exsting project, and have Account model
now I want using permission by role and using sails-permission
but when isntall it, it using default model user, permission, role.. I want add some field and change table name, I using import and ._merge attritbute and it errors,
please help me....
Travis Webb
hey @/all just a reminder that the team that built and maintained sails-permissions is no longer part of the Sails.js community, and is dedicating our efforts to the Trails ecosystem.
Hey, in my model I want to set an attribute 'unique' but not 'required' and 'allowNull', but when I do set these properties, it equates null value and E_UNIQUE, when I try to enter null for this attribute
how to configure basic auth for a sails app, can anyone who worked on it please share some details.