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Apr 2014
Meredith Taylor-Tanaka
Apr 11 2014 03:03
well... looks like I'm going to sit this night out. (Stupid cough)
brew install git-flow
Laura J. Unterguggenberger
Apr 11 2014 04:05

MongoDB Evangelism: bson query, if you want to get the data by attribute

Tagged object vs a schema object

Have the object, you add tags to them

No Migration

Mongoid ORM

Cassandra (lots to configuration)

Postgres of noSQL


Laura J. Unterguggenberger
Apr 11 2014 20:28
Last night's meetup was fun. Here's the summary: we decided to try to use MongoDB for storing the results of Edmunds API calls so that we don't have to keep asking the same questions over and over again if people want to compare the same cars. Mongo was suggested by Peter Bloom, seems to have some good experience with MongoDB so probably a good person to ask if you want to know more. Chester got Mongo up and running with Rails with Peter's help. Mabel's company uses Her for an ActiveResource API so we looked into that a bit and she's looking into it more. Didn't get very far in the Ember, Dart looked pretty cool. Congrats to Yao on the new job!
Another cool git tool is tig: (brew install tig) gives you a text based git history
Laura J. Unterguggenberger
Apr 11 2014 20:33
Also, a graphical one. You can use it to commit (I just don't trust those UIs to commit my code still)