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Apr 2014
Laura J. Unterguggenberger
Apr 19 2014 04:15
Hey, Yeah I've read that same article, its a good one. :)
Laura J. Unterguggenberger
Apr 19 2014 04:21
I see a few newcomers, if anyone is interested in contributing I can add you to the project. Anyone hear of another hack night in Mountain View/Palo Alto area?
Laura J. Unterguggenberger
Apr 19 2014 06:42
Mabel, I started to look at her-rb and I'm having an issue. I created a scope to handle the api token and format json required by the api, but it doesn't seem to returning the data or making the request.
2.1.1 :020 > Makes.Pickmyride
=> #<Her::Model::Relation:0x000001015b6d80 @parent=Makes, @params={:api_key=>"paqqtuhsazun2gm32mg976tr", :fmt=>"json"}, @_fetch=nil>
Instead I get an Her::Model::Relation, I'm not finding much help on Google either. The features of her seem better than ActiveResource though... I am wondering if using a different adapter would help. Maybe you can take a look and see what I'm doing wrong? I committed the change to develop. Thanks!!
Apr 19 2014 06:55
Laura, I need to get some homework done this weekend but I will be sure to take a look. In the meantime, you can see if you can just use ActiveResource directly without using the Her gem. Just to get something going for yourself.
Laura J. Unterguggenberger
Apr 19 2014 06:59
Sounds good. Thanks