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Dave Oram
Hi. I got your invite to talk. What's up?
Ben Hinchley
has anyone been working on implementing the feature detection/feature description parts of opencv for this?
Chih-Wei (Bert) Chang
for cv1 or cv2+?
Rishabh Jain
can anyone tell me opencv2.4.13 is stable or not?? I am a newbie & I have just installed it.
thanks a lot for the help.
Ankit Yadav
hey there
Rishabh Jain
Ankit Yadav
has anyone worked on 3d reconstruction yet?
i need some help
Rishabh Jain
no i haven't worked on it.. sorry
Ankit Yadav
i need help with some other things too
Rishabh Jain
tell i can then i will surely..
  • if i can then i will
Ankit Yadav
i extracted image of the tshirt by simple grabcut algo
(am using python)
now, what i need to do is....i have to smoothen image corners....i did it by gaussianblus and or medianblur
what am not able to do is....i cant crop out the shirt pic according to the body pic on which am about to paste the shirt cutout
in a nutshell, i have the image of the cutout shirt
i have the image of the body
now, body is obviously less wide than the shirt
i have to paste the shirt on the body
so that it perfectly fits the body
any help?
How to implement MatchTemplate? help
Hello, i get "could not determine kind of name for C.cvCeil", how to solve it?
Solve it, downgrade to cv2
when I do : >>> dataset = fetch_mldata('MNIST original'
any idea why I get this error: OSError: could not read bytes
the .mat file downloaded, it has 1498112 lines
Ardit Zherka
hi I was trying to create a disparity map using two regular webcam
I calibrated the cameras found the parameters now what ? can anyone tell me
hi !
its me or the function addWeighted is not available into the library ? I'm currently trying to add alpha to a rectangle
is opencv 1.1 go support dead ?
there is an errror "could not determine kind of name for C.CV_MAX_DIM_HEAP" how to fix it
@beiyoujun cv2
have any one here try to used age recognation and gender recognation using opencv python?
if few ppl was, i need the link for reference
Vishesh Mangla
anyone here?
anyone here
@ratanparija apparently no
@rioardhityo Didn't do it, but it sounds like a quite heavy deep learning application, I doubt opencv is the right tool besides face recognition and segmentation