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Repo info
    Ravi Petlur
    var solrQuery = solrClient.createQuery()
    .q({ 'org_id': org_id, 'someotherfield':query })
    give me org_id and someotherfield as solr query
    is there way i can do org_id OR someotherField
    Nicolas Embleton
    You'll need to make your own query @ravipetlur
    Nicolas Embleton
    And pass it via set ("q=(stuff)")
    Fabio B
    hello everyone ! is there a way to run a Solr query that basically creates a joins between 2 subset of my index ? I have the key to do that , just don't know the syntax
    Cristian Barrientos Montoya
    @fabertel you mean join between cores ?
    This message was deleted
    Documentation need an update. 'solrVersion' option is not mentionned by example.
    how can i sort
    i cant sort solr nodejs
    Nicolas Embleton
    Noted. Thanks for the feedback guys. Sorry for the delay. Working on a new update with latest changes merged in the last 2 months.
    Will also add more doc
    Rahul Gupta
    how to do atomic update via client ?
    Cristian Barrientos Montoya
    What do yo mean by atomic ?
    like having {a: 1, b: 2} and update -> {a: 2} = {a:2, b: 2} ?
    Yup, partially updating the document.
    Can you tell me how to get this working in solr-client ?
    Cristian Barrientos Montoya
    You can index the document again, and sole will update only the fields that were sent
    What version of solr are you using ?
    I am using Solr 5.4.1 .
    I can fetch whole document and update it.
    Then, index the document. This will do too but maybe the performance of update is better than indexing the whole document.
    Cristian Barrientos Montoya
    Noo have no problem there, just call, solrClient.add(<<your document with the id and the fields you want to update>>, callback) and solr will update only the fields that you need
    like if you have in solr the document: { "id": "1234", "a": 1, "b": 2 }, then, your update call would be: solrClient.add({ "id": "1234", "a": 10,}, callback) and solr will do the trick to get you a document like this: `{ "id": "1234", }
    { "id": "1234", "a": 10, "b": 2 }
    Thanks for help
    Cristian Barrientos Montoya
    Anytime ^^
    Alfonso Hack
    Hello!, someone knows if i can use solr just as index engine only. if i put the field property stored in false mode, then the RAM memory to will be required is less for index?
    Cristian Barrientos Montoya
    Yes you can
    But I don't think that it would give you the result that you want
    Avetisyan Sevak
    HI all
    Can I ask a question not related to node client? It’s general question about solr
    How the performance of master-slave replication can be improved?
    E.g. I have a core with index size 1.8Gb, replication to targets takes 1-3sec
    If index size is >= 3Gb, then replication dramatically slow down (12-15min)
    Beehive AI
    This message was deleted
    Aaron Rumery
    i noticed when npm installing this package it is not in line with changes on github. I'm specifically referencing the post method in tied to pull request: 129. Specifically the issue is that query params are still passed to the URI with large queries. They are passed to the body but it appears someone forgot to remove it from appending to the URI. Pulling the repo down directly from github it seems this was fixed, but an npm install for the latest version still has the problem
    anyone have any ideas?
    has someone just not published an updated release?
    Aaron Rumery
    found the issue. so it appears the commit for 0.6.0 tag does not include the change
    that should be updated
    Hi I would like to know if Solr streaming feature is available in this client?
    how to build the following ?? does solr-node-client can be customized for the following

    1) Search Box with type-ahead search - need a search box with type-ahead. search can be done in titles or full text search. All the entire listed titles should be scroll-able to select any title

    2) When any title is selected, the right hand side will populate the entire text of the file or content associated with the title

    3) Combo box to choose the language - English or Tamil Near to the Search Box. Multiple languages can be added in the future. When english is choosen only english indexed content should be searched for the given search keyword. similarly for tamil and other languages if any in the future

    4) Number of hits should be while typing. number of hits in blue color or any color...We need to able to give some colour - dark colour to show the humber of hits.

    5) Search keyword should be highlighted in the left with portion of text.On clicking the text, the entire subject with highlighted search should shown in the right with navigation (Previous, Next, Goto Match - with Icon or button). Navigation should be easy should have keyboard shortcuts for previous, next, goto exact match

    6) Export option such as Mp3, Doc, Txt, PDF option on top of each header on the right side to download file from the server or in the PC which is exist in the folder which is relevant to the selected file.
    every file may or may not have text, PDF, doc, MP3. we will enable only when a link is provided for the specific file name. instead we need to disable the option for the specific. for example for one file only PDF, Doc would be available. in that case, mp3 should be disabled. for one file, none is available in that case all should be disabled. Those details are static, however the disable should happen based on the selected file or title info

    7) We might give a link for a short text inside the text content. When the link is clicked, the short text should popup. We need to defined how we can defined this. via normal link tag and the text to be popup up in another tag ....

    8) nearly 2,000 files are in text format of 600 kB each size should be searched for content.
    Full text search....so when language english is choosen only english indexed files should be searched
    similarly for other languages

    9) all data is static, not dynamic everything is already available in files or in string content which we can use it on development

    10) Admin Panel for web - to import the files and rebuild the index for respective languages. So 2 option is needed. Language and Import button. It should re-index the existing files if modified or add the new files and rebuild-the whole index. Progress bar to show the percentage of completion to the user.