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Mar 2015
Jon Pither
Mar 19 2015 14:05
Guy Barlow
Mar 19 2015 14:06
Benedek Fazekas
Mar 19 2015 14:06
Mar 19 2015 14:23
Hi Jon
Jon Pither
Mar 19 2015 14:30
Wish Malcolm Sparks wasn't on holiday so he could show me how to edit markdown in org mode
There's some funky way you can do it
Jon Pither
Mar 19 2015 14:37
i.e. inline editing of markdown inside an org file. I can't find anything on google
Jon Pither
Mar 19 2015 15:28
Got it. In org somewhere, type <S then hit tab
this appears: #+BEGIN_SRC
fill this out to read #+BEGIN_SRC markdown
then, C-c ' to edit Markdown!
^ from Malcolm
Mark Godfrey
Mar 19 2015 15:31
@jonpither does it work?
Mark Godfrey
Mar 19 2015 15:38
oh, it does, as long as you avoid it replacing <s with <S
Jon Pither
Mar 19 2015 16:35
pretty cool isn't it
presumably there's a funky way to export and preview
on OSX I use Marked for previewing md files
not sure how'll gel in this setup
Korny Sietsma
Mar 19 2015 17:27
Maybe we could fork clojure and have a version where keywords are like :this:
(keyword "foo:") returns :foo: at the moment, but sadly :foo: isn't valid syntax
kornysietsma @kornysietsma wants more hugs
Bruce Durling
Mar 19 2015 17:40
I use the #+BEGIN_SRC stuff for my emacs config
You can write the following in Emacs Org-mode, fire up a repl and evaluate your code as you are writing it, to check it works, then save it and return back to your org-mode document... so cool.
#+BEGIN_SRC clojure
(defn inline-clojure-code [] (str "I am written inside emacs orgmode"))
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John Stevenson
Mar 19 2015 20:47
Once you write the source section, use C-c ' to launch a new buffer with clojure major mode and start coding...