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Wheeler Games
@leso-kn - how well do you know the code?
would it be a quick fix for you to add group by label to the milestone/user?
that's the main thing I want it for but after trying to read the code I was completely lost!
(I need to hand in my developer badge at the office!)
Hi @wheelergames_gitlab! I didn't look into the code very detail
*ed. You mean like a button that groups repositories per user and milestones?
I think at average performance this would take about two days to implement (for me) but I'm quite busy with work
In general what one would have to do is find the place in the code, where the 'Milestone' view button is created, copy that part and make a new button for this. Then find change the logic behind the new button according to the code behind the other one and merge the milestone array with the list of project members
But that's just assuming it's as simple as that and no further investigation is needed
Wheeler Games
@leso-kn yeah basically that
on the board you can choose what the swimlanes (horizontal groupings) are based on
they can be user or milestone right now
I reallllly want them to be based on label
so I can basically do them at an epic level
I started looking through the code
and managed to add label to the drop down
but then totally didn't understand how things were grouped etc
also, I think, and it was prob 2 months ago I looked,
but isn't there like JS code AND go code?
that's where I'd get stuck...
Evgeniy Ostroverkhiy
please update docker image from issues leanlabsio/kanban#256
@wheelergames_gitlab Yes, but as far as i remember it's not so complicated. I assume javascript is mostly used for client side stuff, which is normal for web applications. The backend is probably only go. But still, I'm really busy at the moment, we're having a delivery soon at work and there's still a lot to do
Hi @hollligan! I think i don't have permissions to do update it.
*to update it. As said before, I'm not an official developer of this software. But correct me of I'm wrong, if i can upload it without being the creator I'll do it!
Wheeler Games
@leso-kn - I appreciate that you're busy, I'm not expecting too much. It was more that I knew you'd done work to this in the past, and I partly assume that adding one type of filter might be quite easy work for someone experienced in go and in the project.
But I also appreciate that you may not have looked at the code for months, so I don't expect miracles from you
It was a rough ask, just in case you knew the code so well that you could fix/add it in 10-15 mins
if it's longer/more, then I'll spend some time myself eventually
thanks though
hey, I downloaded the executable, ran it, created a user and put in a private gitlab key. After submitting, I saw a "my boards" page for one second, with a small loading line at the top, then I get sent back to the login page. Console shows nothing of interest. Behavior is the same on FFx or Chromium
re-Logging does the same
The private key I generated had full access to the API, projects, and user scopes, if that matters
I get this in my stdout:
Bad response code: 410 
 Request url: /api/v3/projects?archived=false&page=1&per_page=100 
 Data map[error:API V3 is no longer supported. Use API V4 instead.][Macaron] Completed /api/boards 401 Unauthorized in 890.611188ms
Ooops, that's the issue mentioned above actually
Hallo LeanLabs community! Have a question.
Per my understanding, the Leanlab uses oAuth tokens to access gitlab API under the hoods. Is it possible that it uses gitlab's personal access token instead ?
i.e. instead of using KANBAN_GITLAB_CLIENT+KANBAN_GITLAB_SECRET just use the KANBAN_GIT_PSA which grants access to use GITLAB APIs
Hi @dvisa! Well, technically yes, but that requires a major code change. This project is not officially developed anymore so the feature will probably not be implemented in the future
Facundo Hernandez

Hello guys ! I need help !!
When i select a board the request sending to gitlab api to get all issues is not working.
[Macaron] 2019-11-05 16:51:16: Started GET /api/board?project_id=oaas-v2%2Fplataforma for
Bad response code: 404
Request url: /api/v4/projects/oaas-v2%2Fplataforma
Data map[error:404 Not Found][Macaron] 2019-11-05 16:51:16: Completed /api/board?project_id=oaas-v2%2Fplataforma 404 Not Found in 52.192315ms

Any idea?
Thank you !!

Rahul Saxena

Hello Guys.. Need help.
I am using Kanban board, and having multiple column horizontal on container.. and scroll bar below.

When I use drag & drop at that time I wanted to scroll automatically horizontal on mouse right/left end of container..

Any idea about this.
Thank you.

hello guys. need help
i'm trying start leanlabs/kanban:1.7.2 with docker, but it isn't starting.
error message:

panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x8 pc=0x8bbf92]

goroutine 1 [running]:
        /go/src/gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/modules/setting/settings.go:96 +0x152
gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/cmd.daemon(0xe26740, 0xe49850, 0x0, 0x0)
        /go/src/gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/cmd/daemon.go:102 +0x56
gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/vendor/github.com/spf13/cobra.(*Command).execute(0xe26740, 0xe49850, 0x0, 0x0, 0xe26740, 0xe49850)
        /go/src/gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/vendor/github.com/spf13/cobra/command.go:648 +0x231
gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/vendor/github.com/spf13/cobra.(*Command).ExecuteC(0xc420092b40, 0xc4200e9f78, 0x925700, 0xc420129110)
        /go/src/gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/vendor/github.com/spf13/cobra/command.go:734 +0x339
gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/vendor/github.com/spf13/cobra.(*Command).Execute(0xc420092b40, 0xc4200e9f70, 0x1)
        /go/src/gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/vendor/github.com/spf13/cobra/command.go:693 +0x2b
        /go/src/gitlab.com/leanlabsio/kanban/main.go:25 +0x11b

I tried leanlabs/kanban:1.7.1-ee too but it not working with api v4 .

anyone can help?

Lauri Ojansivu
@bacho_gitlab For api v4 try this fork https://gitlab.com/whirm/kanban . make build && go build
allen williams
hello guys! new here, and to gitlab/kanban. no help needed but i wanted to say hi to the devs. i love the 'enterprise edition' page :) i operate a micro hosting company with similar unusual ethics and practices. i installed gitlab both for a company we contract for and for us, eventually ill need help. but hey, always looking for partnerships, if you guys want to set up monetization for your enterprise version, talk to me..
sustainable hosting is small but 15 years old, we have subscription billing by credit card set up already. so we could work something out, im extremely reasonable, just love community and partnership. but just sayin it once, and ill stop there before i dump time where youre not interested or annoy someone :)
maybe small question actually! plugin looks really cool, i wonder does it work on gitlab SaaS? the company who contracts us uses jira and is looking at gitlab as a possible replacement, but we want epics and spike stories and burndown charts without paying out more than we can afford..and right now gitlab premium is :/ im just starting to look into possibilities, any suggestions are VERY welcome.
allen williams
im allen at sustainablehosting dot com. cheers, stay safe wherever you are!
Lauri Ojansivu

@rastasaus Hi,
you asked about kanban software recommendations.

1) https://kanboard.org
Burndown charts:

2) https://openproject.org
Burndown charts:

3) https://taiga.io
Burndown charts:

4) https://wekan.github.io
But Wekan does not have Burndown charts yet.

Best Regards,
Lauri Ojansivu
Maintainer of Wekan https://wekan.github.io since 2016-12
CEO of Wekan Team https://wekan.team/commercial-support/

Joshua Ox
so I'm a bit green with docker but I'm getting an error when trying to set things up
(root) Additional property kanban is not allowed