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Repo info
Wheeler Games
but I still see v3 in the codebase everywhere
is it possible your v4 is on a branch and you forgot to commit it? or maybe not on master?
Hrm.. that's odd, i think you might be right @wheelergames_gitlab. It only seems to have updated board.service.js. I'll push the missing changes this evening
Btw sorry for the link, i wanted to paste a screenshot but the mobile gitter's really crappy
Wheeler Games
look forward to having a go with it tmrw
Short update, i didn't push the changes yet. Asi said, I'm very busy at the moment, it
will have to wait, sorry
Wheeler Games
no probs
it's not blocking me, it's just a nice to have
I'd like to try and use issue boards for my workflow (currently using a spreadsheet)
@wheelergames_gitlab Hi again! Sorry it took me so long
So i just had a look at the files again but i'm a bit confused now. Everything seems to be configured fine for api v4
@wheelergames_gitlab Which version of kanban do you use? Did you clone the fork from https://github.com/leso-kn/kanban following the instructions in the readme?
Also, i noticed in the readme it still says leanlabsio/kanban. Maybe you accidently used their repository?
  • readme updated
Wheeler Games
Hi @leso-kn I really am not sure what I'm doing wrong
I pull the repo fresh
run make dev
add my client and secret to the docker_compose.yaml
and run docker compose up
and I get told
[Macaron] Started GET /api/boards for
[Macaron] Started GET /api/boards/starred for
Bad response code: 410 
 Request url: /api/v3/projects?archived=false&page=1&per_page=100 
 Data map[error:API V3 is no longer supported. Use API V4 instead.][Macaron] Completed /api/boards 401 Unauthorized in 454.733455ms
[Macaron] Started GET / for
[Macaron] Completed / 200 OK in 1.916342ms
Bad response code: 410
I've checked, and I have your latest code
I'm on the latest commit
it must be the make dev command that is doing something wrong
Wheeler Games
I think the problem is the make file, uses a leanlabs image to build from
and I think this hasn't been updated in 4 yrs so still points to v3
is there a way to use your code to build from instead of using their image?
Wheeler Games
i shouldn't be running docker compose down, docker compose up after
because that's removing the docker container made with the make file...
is that right??
Wheeler Games
ok...I have it working!!
but now I'm confused. All I see is a lot of other people's boards to try and view and not my own!
is that something I need to set in gitlabs?
and does that mean other people will be able to see my board too?
cool, got it working, grabbed my board url and swapped it for someone elses
I guess those ones i see are public boards
Wheeler Games
now, I might need to actually make code changes, to make swimlanes work with labels, not just users and milestones
if I can get my head around how this code actually works...
The SSL documentation is really lackluster.
Any idea how to put Kanban under the control of Omnibus and upgrade the Kanban port to SSL?
@Happy-Ferret Yes! You can put Kanban on ssl by using for example apache with Forward
Sorry *ProxyPass like this:
<Location />

<Location /ws>
If you want to put it on something different but the root (for example /kanban) i have this small hacky piece of configuration: