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Jan 2015
Marcus Ottosson
Jan 21 2015 08:31

Good work on the Wiki page @elpie89!

I made some small formatting changes, have a look:

About the writing style, I like it very much. It's short and to the point.

As you use CodeBlocks as an IDE, do you think it would be a good idea to include a guide on getting set-up with CodeBlocks, amongst the other compilers in the helloworld project?

That way, anyone can follow along, and we could also make the guide a little more general and apply to more scenarios, like if someone uses a different IDE, or compiles from a terminal.

Other than that, keep up the great work!

General Wiki Tip

As an experiment, try assuming that whomever reads the guide is starting out from a completely fresh install of the OS you're working with. In fact, try doing that yourself as you write. That way, it will become very easy to spot what information is necessary to include.

For example, at the moment, it is assume that the user has CodeBlocks installed, try instead taking them through the process of getting absolutely everything setup.

If you then find out that guiding a user through installing CodeBlocks is a lot of work, try using less set-up to complete the same task.

That way, you'll find a balance between what to use and what to make a guide for.

Jan 21 2015 08:57
yes @mottosso , CodeBlocks is very simple to install and use,asap i will write a guide for it,maybe tonight when i will back from work
Marcus Ottosson
Jan 21 2015 10:08
@elpie89 Perfect! Looking forward to it!
Cesar Saez
Jan 21 2015 14:16
Well done @elpie89!
Jan 21 2015 23:01
i added the Codeblocks section
please when you want revision my bad English, and next time i will use the push function to update the wiki,sorry for so many activity,i made everything on the web page