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Jan 2015
Marcus Ottosson
Jan 24 2015 18:34

Hi @/all,

I had an idea for the next project.

Terminal Synthesizer

It's just some images and some sound put together in After Effects, the goal being to make it a real thing.


Marcus Ottosson
Jan 24 2015 18:43

Here's the feature-list:

  • Sine wave
  • Keys C3 to C4, including black keys
  • Playable on keyboard, QWERTY for white keys, 12345 for black keys

Extra credit:

  • Volume knob
  • Square and Saw waves
  • Polyphony (play multiple keys at once)
  • Record and play back n-seconds

Extra extra credit:

  • Midi input
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Delay
  • Multi-track

Extra extra extra credit:

  • Editable wave
  • Mix multiple waves
  • Enveloping
  • Audio input
Marcus Ottosson
Jan 24 2015 18:56
Some implementations alternatives:
  • DirectSound (on Windows)
  • ALSA (low-level Linux)
  • PortAudio (cross-platform)
And a learning resource: Writing a Square Wave to DirectSound
Jan 24 2015 20:06
ahahaha....i haven't idea how to do this..but i love this project
@mottosso great idea
Cesar Saez
Jan 24 2015 21:45
@mottosso I have to catch up with the latest RPS screencasts, but an oscilloscope seems a great idea for our next project! :)
Marcus Ottosson
Jan 24 2015 22:15
I have to catch up myself, to be honest. They've been going by so fast lately.
What's your thoughts about an oscilloscope? What is that? Sounds cool. :)
Marcus Ottosson
Jan 24 2015 23:32

I've finished up a working copy of the Terminal Download Application that lives up to the specifications, without an IDE nor build-system and using a vanilla distribution of Linux, and are working up the documentation for it, to be continued shortly.

Let me know what you think of the source and how to link libcurl from the shell.

Cesar Saez
Jan 24 2015 23:40
Looks good! :+1: