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Jan 2015
Cesar Saez
Jan 30 2015 03:33
This is great, thanks for sharing!
Marcus Ottosson
Jan 30 2015 15:25

Project 3 - Terminal Synth

Hi @/all,

Just a quick question, does the suggested next project - to build a simple synthesizer to run via a terminal - seem interesting at all? Interesting enough to actually go through with it?

I know I'm excited, I love synth's and VSTi's and Cubase and what not, but I'd rather do something we can all enjoy.

Also, a related question, does anyone have access to ASIO? You would basically know if you did, or if you have spent any time making any sort of music using your computer. If you do, we might be able to have a look into getting that up and running as well, so as to get our synth to provide real-time feedback, as opposed to lag behind 1 second or more. For those unfamiliar with ASIO, it's a essentially a method of streaming audio faster than a typical sound-card does, somewhere around 5-50ms, and typically requires dedicated hardware, but can be sort of "hacked" to work on a typical sound-card as well.

If you do, and if it seems interesting, simply give a shout-out to let us know!