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Feb 2015
Feb 11 2015 20:44
i write some simple code,using the tutorial of portaudio,but when i compile i have problem
have someone build a simple program?
i have problem with alsa dependency
Marcus Ottosson
Feb 11 2015 22:00
Yes, I built it, and it was a bit tricky.
I also had the alsa issue. Is it telling you that there is a dependency issue?
Off the top of my head, you'll need to downgrade alsa, before being able to do the install.
Can you post the exact message?
In a nutshell, you can say:
$ sudo apt-get install some_package -t=some_version
Where you put the exact version that it is saying you don't have in the -t flag.
That will allow apt-get to first uninstall the wrong one, and then install the right one. That did it for me.
Feb 11 2015 22:03
Not now beacuse i'am noto on PC but is error searched on web
And seem to be an alza problem
Marcus Ottosson
Feb 11 2015 22:04
Ok, well next time you try and install, have a look at which dependency it says you need, and then type it in along with the exact version and it should work. :)
I'm heading off now, but I'll be back in the morning. Good luck!
Feb 11 2015 22:05
I'll try