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Feb 2015
Carlos Montes Ramos
Feb 13 2015 06:23
Hi, everyone. I just wanted to thank you for making this for those of us that are learning C... I have nothing to contribute, but you have all of my support =D
Marcus Ottosson
Feb 13 2015 14:51

Hi and welcome @Astrocesped!

You have much to contribute, by simply being here you make us all better at and more motivated to learn C. :)

Hope you enjoy the projects - the next one is about building a synthesizer in the terminal - and hope to see you around!

Marcus Ottosson
Feb 13 2015 14:56
@Byron When is it time for a new screencast? I'm sure we're all dying to see it! Perhaps this time about programming with sound, in preparation for the current project? :)
Also a shoutout to @alexwidener, @csaez and @elpie89 to keep on rockin' the chat; it's been quiet while you've been away. :)
Sebastian Thiel
Feb 13 2015 18:51
Oh, I haven't planend anything, but if I'd do one, it would most certainly be about how to write and cross-platform compile a simple maya plugin. I am thinking this might be most interesting for a fair share of people here.