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Mar 2017
Hemang Kumar
Mar 20 2017 20:39
Heyo everyone! Hemang this side :smiley:
I have a question related to compiler design more specifically basic lexical analysis, I was following the code posted as question on , and in Line 60, Line 62, there are these statements printf(<4,4>) and printf(<5,0>). I understand rest of the code mostly, but I dont understand why they are printing <4,4> and <5,0>, and why not something else. I have searched a lot and I dont seem to find the reason.
Why <4,4> and not something like <2> (denoting that present state is 2 ?)
Any help would really awesome!
Thanks ! :relaxed:
Marcus Ottosson
Mar 20 2017 22:35
@hemangsk This initiative has unfortunately had an end of life, and I'm afraid you won't find much help or activity here.