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Repo info
    Andrei Stoian
    Dear Matthew I first wanted to thank you for your work
    Really for a long time I was looking how to integrate coverage maps into a dashbord
    That being said I am still to make use of the tiler fully
    I just played a little with it. Do you know if I can import coverage maps from Atoll or ICS Telecom?
    Or how big would the tif file should be?
    I have worked with some interesting engineers that are just lazy and created a 1-3 Gb file
    instead of creating a coverage file for each sector for each site then combine it ...they created a national big map.
    Do you have any advice in how to get started with your package?
    Just follow the GitHub?
    Matt Leonawicz
    Hi, to get started I suggest the package vignette (the "getting started" page on the GitHub website). tiler is only for creating the map tiles. It does not specialize in doing anything particular with the tiles. For that you might consider leaflet. I am not familiar with Atoll or ICS Telecom. But for tiler you should be able to use any tif. Keep in mind this is a very young package, low version number- things can/will change.
    Andrei Stoian
    Sure. Yes will do.
    We have here in New Zealand Land Information New Zealand. LINZ
    They provide a vast array of shp files that can be imported
    on top of that i wanted to use tiler to provide a heat map
    and based on the zoom level to jump between images
    at zoom 14 have a different granularity than at 18 let's say
    If you think I can be of any assistance in regards to some concepts let me know
    same fro ATDI ICS telecom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpe4JMDHmcQ
    I would want to export plots from those tools and lay them on top of a map in a shiny dashbord.