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Nov 2015
Adam Laycock
Nov 10 2015 12:06
@poliveira89 The variable would have the last value assigned to it in the files, in your first example it is set to #c1c2c3and then when you import file1.less it gets changed to #000000 whereas in the second example it is set to #000000 in file1.less and then overwritten afterwards to #c1c2c3.
Paulo Oliveira
Nov 10 2015 15:11
@Arcath I have concluded that. My doubt it’s why the first example works with/on Bootstrap?? :S
Nov 10 2015 15:37
hi everyone, has anyone used dataTable ? I can’t seem to remove the scroll bar bellow the dataTable even though it fits on the screen and the scrolling is not needed….i tried overriding table.dataTable class but no luck
any ideas?