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Feb 2017
Feb 24 2017 13:20
@jlaustill depends on where you are trying to implement it. e.g .net you can use less.js and bundling. frontend frameworks have more than a couple of options
Joshua Austill
Feb 24 2017 13:23
@kjvelarde I'm a linux developer using phpstorm for this project. I installed less-plugin-clean-css and it seems to be working fine . I just wasn't sure if there was a different obvious choice I just knew nothing about
Joeri Boudewijns
Feb 24 2017 18:03
I use the normal inspectors and default rules to clean trailing and add end line etc... but the less plugin is a good way to go
Joshua Austill
Feb 24 2017 18:15
@bojoer I was using the built in minify, but it puts a warning in the file that it is deprecated now so I wanted to move to something else before the next upgrade cans it completely lol