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May 2017
Aron Griffis
May 17 2017 13:14
Hello. I'm trying to understand this sentence: To import individual components you will have to create a scope for each import using & {}
That's from the semantic-ui doc, which provides the example: & { @import 'src/definitions/elements/button'; }
I understand & in general, but it's not clear to me how that affects the import. It seems like & {} would collapse to nothing, since it's just referring to whatever nesting surrounds it. But the recommendation suggests that it's doing something else.
Aron Griffis
May 17 2017 13:21
Hmm, I'll bet this has to do with resolution of variables and mixins:
Calvin Juárez
May 17 2017 15:28
Yep, variable scope seems the most likely reason for this.