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Aug 2017
Aug 19 2017 14:09
Hi Guys , my name is Lamin , i have been on a project but i am stuck and wondering if i can get help from anyone , basically, on our site , . the issue is , on this page where the catagory products are in a grid form which is all good. but the issue is , if i send it for print , it only print everything expect the grid catagories, then i looked at the jsp files and .less (css) files, and found out that the issue is to do with link <i>/<i> , on the css , it says i {
but the issue with that is .s_category_grid_background(); is also linked to a sprites-generated.less file which it has a backgound image which shows the lines . if i remove the .s_category_gridbackground(); from <i> </i> it prints but then the background image isnt on the site
i tried on the .less file to @media print{} but it doesnt work
anyone can help me make this print out when people wat to print it
any ideas will be highly appreciated