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Oct 2017
Matthew Dean
Oct 05 2017 23:15
@gour No firm deadline. I've been pretty busy myself, with a new job, and Less has been a little low on contributors.
One of the major cool new features is additional support for the @plugin feature.
That is: easily defining plugins inline, with a syntax and format that's easier for Less library authors. But also is easy to use in your day-to-day use by allowing you to easily define functions.
Matthew Dean
Oct 05 2017 23:20
There's a lot of work under-the-hood there to make sure existing plugins "just work", including giving NPM support for any imports when Less.js is used in Node. Previously this was just in lessc, then it was moved into @plugin, but then I realized this should be part of the file manager, so I'm moving it into any imports (so it would work for @import as well). That reduces the amount of code needed since @import and @plugin share a lot of code.
I'd love to have help!
I'm going to try to do some work on Less this weekend.