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Jul 2018
Jul 30 2018 06:14
guys, what is workaround for inserting browser specific hacks in less?
how to tell compiler "not compile this" or something like that?
Jul 30 2018 08:43
ok, it seems that i solve it without "solving"
well, i have no less and css black belt but sometimes things just should be done
i am workin on my spa lib and there is a time to make ui more simplier
i've exctract some elements and refactored it
and i think its good enough for putting it to lib
but, i don't know is there better way to make some things and i don't know is there any caveats in mac safary and latest ie
but other major browsers seems to work fine.
if someone have a time to take a look and maybe give me some advises about less it will be good