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Repo info
    Pierre Joye
    Hop :)
    Ondřej Surý
    As I just joined, I have a bad news. the test are failing on 32-bit architectures: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=libgd2&arch=i386&ver=2.2.2-29-g3c2b605-1&stamp=1468499993
    Pierre Joye
    Oh :/
    Ah the rotate one
    @oerdnj "expected", see libgd/libgd#242
    Pierre Joye
    Will add the note in readme for 2.2.3
    Hi, guys. Tell me please what's the difference between bundled and not bundled versions of gd in php? And how can i compile unbundled version of php-gd in debian 8? Thank you
    Anyone here can guid me how to add gdtest.h?
    hi, guys
    hi, any one online?
    Wang Binbin
    hi, someone here?
    any question?
    a few of these things are in the work
    suggestions welcome :)
    Pierre Joye
    int main()
        gdSurface *surface;
        surface = gdSurfaceCreate(500, 500, GD_SURFACE_ARGB32);
        int x = 100;
        for (int y = 100; y < 150; y++) {
            unsigned int* img = (unsigned int*)(surface->data + surface->stride * y);
            for (int x = 100; x < 150; x++) {
                img[x] = 0x80FF0000;
        if (!surface) {
            fprintf(stderr, "Can't create 400x400 surface\n");
            return 1;
        save_png(surface, "surface1.png");
        return 0;
    that's in features/surface
    Pierre Joye
    filled - Copy.png
    Pierre Joye
    Hi, I am new to debian. How can I install lidgd on linux? I got the sources from github - buit how to install? Thank you very much for any support! Rgards, Andi
    Pierre Joye
    @AndiJung good evening
    either using autoconf (INSTALL) or cmake (Install.cmake)
    you will need the external libraries too, depending which formats you need


    First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone.
    Decided to do the libGD logo in svg because i couldn't find anywhere on the internet. I don't think I made any mistake doing the logo because libGD doesn't support this format.

    Pierre Joye
    @rjopek thank you! <3
    I will add it to the repo, or if you do a PR, I will merge it :)
    could be used too to show gd 3.0 rendering maybe :)
    oh harbour binding, nice :)
    let me add it to the list of bindings