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Mar 2017
Mar 06 2017 02:19
@prasunanand Please fill this bug to DUB
Prasun Anand
Mar 06 2017 10:08
Yeah :)
Sebastian Wilzbach
Mar 06 2017 10:38
@prasunanand don't get to frustrated with the D ecosystem. It has it downsides, but it's still moving quite fast and improving :)
Prasun Anand
Mar 06 2017 18:29
@wilzbach , D is a lot better than other languages out there. With great performance, there may be some downsides. I am hooked to D for the speed and syntactic sugar(similar to Ruby), it offers :) .
Prasun Anand
Mar 06 2017 21:14
@9il : Is --build=release-nobounds parameter necessary for improved performance of mir-glas gemm routine?
I am multiplying two rectangular matrices of shape [1217, 8000] and
[8000, 1217] and benchmarked it for OpenBLAS and mir-glas.
For mir-glas
Time taken for gemm =>1 sec, 267 ms, 309 μs, and 3 hnsecs
For OpenBLAS
Time taken for gemm =>522 ms, 456 μs, and 7 hnsecs
Prasun Anand
Mar 06 2017 21:48
Currently, I can't compile with --build=release-nobounds because of dub error.