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Oct 2017
Shigeki Karita
Oct 06 2017 14:42
@9il I really like this!
Ilya Yaroshenko
Oct 06 2017 14:43
Oct 06 2017 17:35
Guys Hi, this is not directly related with DCompute a bit more general.
I am trying to port my beamforming project to DCompute
The link above is using CUDA and C++ and already working
I will port this to DCompute and D . I already started the project
Now it is time to write the CUDA kernel. But I am not sure how to import dcompute.lib( I already compiled dcompute source and created .lib file ) to my project.
Do you have any suggestions?
Do I also need to import other libraries like DerelictCL.lib, DerelictCUDA.lib,DerelictUtil.lib