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Nov 2017
Ilya Yaroshenko
Nov 26 2017 09:21
mir-glas is not used in Lubeck
lubeck uses only common cblas / lapack libs. Glas does not provide full cblas
The bug in lubeck code
Mathias L. Baumann
Nov 26 2017 12:59
hmm alright. But I suppose I don't actually need lubeck and just use mir-glas directly
btw, I don't know when opBinary was implemented, but it is soooo nice to be able to write m[] = m1 + m2 (it wasn't possible last time I used it)
me gusta
Mathias L. Baumann
Nov 26 2017 13:56
I assume there is no libary that offers something like a lazy gemm abstraction so I could write things like m[] = m1.mtimes(m2) + m3;
It seems not trivial to write something like that myself as I discovered
at least if you want to avoid temporary allocations