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Dec 2017
Mathias L. Baumann
Dec 10 2017 02:29
I am trying to port a python example for a neural net with a hidden layer to D2/mir
And.. everything seems to be working, only that it.. doesn't
As far as I can tell, my code is identical
It's a lot to ask to compare those and get feedback on the code, so I understand if you feel like you don't want to ;)-
I just thought I try asking here because I am a bit out of ideas currently
Ilya Yaroshenko
Dec 10 2017 03:23
Hi Mathias,
I would suggest to do step by step verification. It is common for SCI code to do so.
After quick review i found one small bug (but there may be also others): Random gen is not initialized.
You may want to use as wall as to generate random slices. Mir Random has default contrcuttor disabled for RNGs, so it is safer then Phobos.
Mathias L. Baumann
Dec 10 2017 11:36
it actually is, here: if you mean seed when you say initialized?
I tried to construct it in a way that it matches the random numbers generated in python
I got surprisingly close
to see where it starts diverging
but there was no clear point
Ilya Yaroshenko
Dec 10 2017 11:44
Ah, ok. BTW keep in mind that gen is TLS variable
Mathias L. Baumann
Dec 10 2017 12:01
I don't plan on more threads yet :)