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I am trying to port my beamforming project to DCompute
The link above is using CUDA and C++ and already working
I will port this to DCompute and D . I already started the project
Now it is time to write the CUDA kernel. But I am not sure how to import dcompute.lib( I already compiled dcompute source and created .lib file ) to my project.
Do you have any suggestions?
Do I also need to import other libraries like DerelictCL.lib, DerelictCUDA.lib,DerelictUtil.lib
Ilya Yaroshenko
Two 2PRs for Mir Random to review mrhttps://github.com/libmir/mir-random/pulls
Ilya Yaroshenko
mir-algorithm v0.6.21: Python and C++ interconnection + API sugar
Johan Engelen
Upon releasing new mir-algorithm, I hope someone can take care of updating d.godbolt.org. It's very easy, but also easily forgotten. See: mattgodbolt/compiler-explorer-image#31 and mattgodbolt/compiler-explorer#529
Small things! Thanks! :-)
Ilya Yaroshenko
done mattgodbolt/compiler-explorer-image#39
Ilya Yaroshenko
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 12.59.21.png
proposed new Mir logo
Feedback or alternatives are welcome. I am looking for a soft logo instead of current one
Nicholas Wilson
IDK, i like the current one, it looks distinctive. That one looks ...bland.
Ilya Yaroshenko
We need a bland one :-(
or somtihing soft
Maybe we can change it back after a while
Matt Ranger
hey guys. I think for the long run (3-5 years) it would be in the best interest for libmir to have an interface with apache arrow. Apache arrow is poised to replace pandas in that timeframe
and interfacing efficiently with it would potentially be a killer app. I'm interested in contributing here, just throwing this out there
Ilya Yaroshenko
Hey Matt @VHRanger . Thank you for letting us know. You can count on our help if you need new mir-algorithm features for Apache Arrow. Also, we can create a repo in libmir org and include you to the organizatoin if you want Apache Arrow be part of the libmir.
Mathias L. Baumann
Greetings. I try to build a simple project using lubeck, mir-glas and mir-cpuid. I am getting errors and I am not really sure how to deal with them: https://gist.github.com/Marenz/a33645a8ab6e6b8b1d4fa5234c124f6a
I am getting the same result if I write ldmd2
and even if I write --compiler=dmd it's using my system ldc (a very old version) and fails
Mathias L. Baumann
ah.. it seems mir-glas' dub file is hard coding quite a lot of things
Mathias L. Baumann
This is all a bit confusing really
lubeck says it requires blas, cblas and lapack as static libraries.. which confused me as I thought it would be a pure D library
After linking with those, I stumbled over kaleidicassociates/lubeck#3
Today I discovered that mir-glas aims to provide .. static c libraries
so I figured I Can use mir-glas in-place
mir-glas claims to provide blas and glas. For some reason lubeck still wants cblas though.
So, linking with cblas, it finally compiled
however, I again stumbled over the already mentioned bug, this time the program at least exits with code 255 and says something slightly different
I just updated the ticket accordingly
Mathias L. Baumann
though I don't even know why cblas is required, my assumption was that mir-glas would provide all.
Ilya Yaroshenko
mir-glas is not used in Lubeck
lubeck uses only common cblas / lapack libs. Glas does not provide full cblas
The bug in lubeck code
Mathias L. Baumann
hmm alright. But I suppose I don't actually need lubeck and just use mir-glas directly
btw, I don't know when opBinary was implemented, but it is soooo nice to be able to write m[] = m1 + m2 (it wasn't possible last time I used it)
me gusta
Mathias L. Baumann
I assume there is no libary that offers something like a lazy gemm abstraction so I could write things like m[] = m1.mtimes(m2) + m3;
It seems not trivial to write something like that myself as I discovered
at least if you want to avoid temporary allocations
Ilya Yaroshenko
m[] = m1.mtimes(m2) + m3; should be possible with lubeck
I will fix the mtimes bug
Thank you for the report!