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Repo info
    I tried to delete the method maven, since some sugggested that on the internet
    however it just gives me an error with com.jfrog.bintray' instead
    any help would be nice :)
    have a nice day!
    Joe Bowbeer
    @rpattabi Sorry for late response regarding testing async. I would try to use a Future to collect the result. If you have some tests written, I'd be interested in having a look at them.
    Joe Bowbeer
    @Hjele5 Sorry for the confusion. Some of the instructions in that video series are obsolete. In most cases now, there is no need to clone pd-for-android and import the module. Instead, just follow the instructions for using pd-for-android in the pd-for-android README. Also check out Tal's PdTest app template project: github.com/tkirshboim/pd-for-android-test
    Ragu Pattabi
    @joebowbeer I will try Future. Thanks. I am yet to write tests for my pd patches. I would share with you when I get a chance to write them.
    Teu Walker
    anyone there?
    Hey guys I could use some help getting libPD for android studio to work. I used the Test project that @joebowbeer suggested. Finally got it to build. However, when its on the AVD it shows a toast that says "Pd Test: java.io.IOException: Unable to open PD Audio: 44100, 1, 1"
    I suspect i dont have a patch installed or something?
    Tal Kirshboim
    @Gunlag which device exactly is that?
    Nexus 5 API 24
    it's being emulated not actually on my phone
    Tal Kirshboim
    What processor type? Arm? Intel?
    hey @tkirshboim , another libpd user here on Android, but using it with Unity. i'm just realizing that i may have painted myself into a rather severe corner as the libpd4unity does not support any dependencies. has this changed recently? i really really hope someone's available to chat on this.
    Hi everyone, i have a issue with the sound quality in my android project, when im playing the PD in the computer sounds great but when a run it in my app in a real device it starts to sound scratchy. someone has been able to solve that?
    Tal Kirshboim

    @metaphysician I'm not sure what kind of dependencies you're referring to, but pd-for-android supports patches that depend on non pd-vanilla externals. You can see an example in the pd-for-android repository:

    Also this app includes some externals:

    @metaphysician I'd otherwise suggest trying to ask on stackoverflow, or on creating an issue on the libpd4unity project. You might get better help there
    @OMBStudios_twitter maybe it's this?
    Zack Cohen
    Hi! Does anyone know how I can set up pd-for-android using ANT instead of Android STudio?
    Ragu Pattabi
    @Gunlag Most of the times, microphone input does not work on emulator. As you saw, having a input channel throws exception on emulator. The android emulator team should fix this. Whenever I get a chance, I convey the same through surveys, etc. Not sure if anyone has opened an issue on them.
    This is the work around I use not to fail while using emulator. I check if I am running on emulator and if so I set the input channels to be 0. Here is the code to check emulator:
        public static boolean isEmulator() {
            return Build.FINGERPRINT.startsWith("generic")
                    || Build.FINGERPRINT.startsWith("unknown")
                    || Build.MODEL.contains("google_sdk")
                    || Build.MODEL.contains("Emulator")
                    || Build.MODEL.contains("Android SDK built for x86")
                    || Build.MANUFACTURER.contains("Genymotion")
                    || (Build.BRAND.startsWith("generic") && Build.DEVICE.startsWith("generic"))
                    || "google_sdk".equals(Build.PRODUCT);
    Xavi Lizarraga
    Hi all! Trying to compile libpd-for-android with Android Studio I got the next gradle error:
    Error:Cause: com/android/build/gradle/internal/model/DefaultAndroidProject : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0
    Some suggestion? Thanks a lot,
    Joe Bowbeer
    @xaviliz The problem is most likely that JDK8 is not actually being used, but it is required. This is a fairly common problem particularly on OSX, where environment variables are not transferred to launched apps, such as AS.
    Xavi Lizarraga
    @joebowbeer thanks for your reply, so there is a way to fix it? On my Project Structure, JDK8 seems well located.
    Joe Bowbeer
    @xaviliz verify that gradle command builds OK first, then look into AS setup. The suggestion to use embedded JDK seems sound: https://stackoverflow.com/a/41901511
    Xavi Lizarraga
    @joebowbeer thanks again! I solved by updating Android Studio and others. Now I am trying to use the library on my Android project. I have followed the intructions on README.md, but I got the next error:
    Gradle sync failed: Could not find method compile() for arguments [org.puredata.android:pd-core:1.0.2] on object of type org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dsl.dependencies.DefaultDependencyHandler.
    Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log)
    Some suggestion? Thanks in advance.
    Joe Bowbeer
    @xaviliz did you edit the right build.gradle file? that seems to be the most common rookie mistake at this point. this reminds me that we need to create a canary project on github that contains a compile dependency on the bintray artifact. all of the test apps inside pd-for-android depend on PdCore directly. In the meantime, compare your build.gradle with this one from MobMuPlat.
    Xavi Lizarraga
    @joebowbeer Joe, you were right! I was using build.gradle for app. I have followed your example and voilà. Thanks a lot for your help and your dedication!
    Hi. Libpd produces glitches when I use the sample rate from AudioParameters.suggestSampleRate() on my Nexus 5 phone (48000). When I run it at 44100 everything is fine. On a Honor 7 phone, however, it is the opposite: 48000 is fine but 44100 causes glitches. On a Samsung S3 both seems to be fine. Anyone experienced this?
    On the Honor 7 suggestSampleRate() is 48000 also.
    Hi everybody,
    I have the following situation. I want to play 2 samples at the same time on android device and hear nasty sound overloading. Did anybody face it before? Could you help me with ideas how to solve it?
    device is Nexus 5X, playing via OpenSL
    Pooya Moradi
    Hi! Is cheetomoskeeto 's tutorials outdated now?
    Noé Paul-Gauthier
    Hello everybody,
    How can I use externals such as freeverb~ in the patch loaded by the app ?
    I tried to add the file freeverb~.pd_linux but it does not work because it should be built according to the Android Os. Does anyone have a hint ?
    Thank You

    Hi all, just returning to pd-for-android after a half-year gap and switching to latest macOS...cloned and initted submodules and ran ./gradlew PdCore:assembleRelease. Getting
    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

    • What went wrong:
      A problem occurred configuring project ':CircleOfFifths'.

      Failed to notify project evaluation listener.
      Could not initialize class com.android.sdklib.repository.AndroidSdkHandler

    Any idea how I might proceed here? Thanks!

    @sinewave440hz Solved it - libpd/pd-for-android#78
    Hi folks, getting back into libpd after a long hiatus. I would like to send audio output to my Chromecast device. Seems like I remember there didn't used to be a convenient (or any?) way to grab that audio data stream back from the Pd side to broadcast it to external devices like that. I've done it with bluetooth, but that's just a hardware thing really. I'd super appreciate someone letting me know if/how I can get that sound data output back from the Pd patch side at that point just before where the DAC usually goes in the patch so that I can use the Android/Java networking and Chromecast libraries to broadcast it to my Chromecast device.
    Hi, libpd is great! Today I updated my debian-system to 10 (buster) and tried to run ./gradlew PdCore:assembleRelease. I got the following Error: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
    • What went wrong:
      Could not determine java version from '11.0.1'.
    ...sorry, that return came accidently too early: so I assume that I have to give PdCore my current java-version-number but I have no idea where!? Any ideas would be helpful, thanks...
    I gave up trying to run ./gradlew to generate an *.aar. Instead I tied to make the pd-fo-android-Project run via VCS git-import. But when I am doing the build ("make project") I get an error from the java compiler saying: "error: package org.puredata.core does not exist". That means the PdCore-Classes are not built of course. What might be wrong? Thank's for any helpul comments.
    Hey everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to use libpd with a soundcard OTG https://source.android.com/devices/audio/usb
    just pulled newest pd-for-android (as submodule update) and now i get : Could not get unknown property 'androidxLegacySupportVersion' for root project 'android-biomusic' of type org.gradle.api.Project.
    nevermind, it's in /build.gradle (not in app/), ext{androidxLegacySupportVersion = '28.0.0'} for example (without "def")
    Hi everyone, new here, came in from the pure data servor on discord,
    I'm starting to learn Libpd, have had trouble with cheetomosquito videos trying to understand the basics can anyone help me get a good start?
    I'm on windows
    Hi guys, im new to the pd for android using libdp, i cant seem to copy the repository or find it on the site, for using in the terminal. Can someone help me? Its very basic stuff
    Cristiano Figueiró
    Hello everyone, i just download latest android studio, clone pd-for-android and manage to compile the examples in very smooth way, great work! I want add a processing sketch in my app with libpd and am asking if someone have a good tip on how make this. I'm following this https://android.processing.org/tutorials/android_studio/index.html and not getting how to merge this with the PdTest example. tnx for any hint
    hey folks... i hate to bug all you guys about this -- but lemme tell you what's on my mind and any help i get is greatly appreciated. i want to get pure-data on my android phone. i want to use it as a ghetto hearing augmentation device. i'm hard of hearing. i'm also poor and can't deal with hearing aids for reasons. now i've read the instructions and the sad part is, the very first thing in the instructions says to: "Make sure you have JCenter in your repositories." and then goes on to show the excerpt from a file. I know I'm supposed to append that bit of config to a file, but I don't know where the file is or anything... i feel defeated.. thank you i apologize for being so not smart about this.