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I found a the answer
I need help to run in eclipse
Can someone help me
Can someone please help me
I can't import the librec application in eclipse
@ahanadevelopment go to the following link. Translate it and follow the steps.
Hi anslaity
Thank you
your welcome
I have followed it. But I get a issue with pom. I can't resolve it
It say no repository found
Plugin not found in any plugin repository
do you mean the error of "data not exist" ?
This error in pom.xml
It says "Plugin not found in any plugin repository"
When does this message appear to you (after which step?)
As soon as i finished the importing
after step 10
are you using librec as a Maven project?
in librec project
have you followed step 7 correctly (have you clicked on "cancel " button?
ACtually I believe it nothing to do with the steps to be followed for librec
most probably I have some kind of maven repository issue
I'm not sure, actually. Sorry!
no problem
thank you

Hi all,

I wonder what tools and algorithms of Librec should I use if I want to implement a multi criteria similarity search for a bike recommendation system?

Assume I have a database where all bikes have 3 attributes: Category, Weight, Price.
The user sets his preferences to: Mountain Bike, 30kg, $200

I would like to get as a recommendation result the following 2 bikes:

  1. Mountain Bike, 25kg, $180
  2. Mountain Bike, 35kg, $250

So, how should I go about it using Librec?

Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, I am trying to use an ItemKNN but am getting a higher RMSE than a UserKNN. Seems like something might be a little bit off. This is my conf file https://pastebin.com/vn8jpkEF
Any ideas on what configurations I need to change? I've uncommented line 29 and it seems to take longer, but in the end spits out an error saying index out of bounds, recommend matrix does not match test matrix
Robin Burke
I noticed that 3.0.0-beta has been released (as of 7/15). Are there release notes about what's new in this version? I am particularly curious about the new AuxiliaryDataAppender as this seems like it might be similar to the user/item feature capability that my group has been developing.
What is the shell command to predict new users or items based on already existing model? Or how to save model? How to set predictions of model?
*How to tell the the model to predict for all missing datapoints then print those predictions to file as an arff or similar?
Also can any librec model output features for ML instead of predictions?
@guoguibing, I try to find RegSVD.java at librec and found that the name was changed from RegSVD to PMF. So are they the same?
Pablo J. Villacorta
Hi all,
I have been playing around with SVDPlusPlus and I have noticed that it is able to make predictions on an item that has never been seen (was not rated by any user in the training set, because it had been rated only by one user in the movielens 1M dataset, and that single rating was assigned to the test fold so it does not appear in the training folds). Could you please explain how do you predict a rating that has never appeared in the training set?
Karan Sharma
Hi, I am a new contributor. Where can I start?
Hello. I'm trying to start using LibRec. Is there any working example for me to start from? The one from the documentation page (https://www.librec.net/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=introduction) does not work. The Recommender class does not have a train method, and the IDE is unable to find an EvalContext class... the example uses these. I have just downloaded v2.0 and don't know if this example is for older versions.
hi all,is there any development document for the libRec?i wanana do some test ,but i cant understand the result 。。
hi all,i run the UserKNNTestCase and ItemKNNTestCase,but still have no idea of what the result means.For example, in UserKNNTestCase i just want to get some recommendations for a list of user,but i got some test result whick consist of a lot of data from the testset(part of the trainset by ratio or in another testset file alone)
but it dont understand why i should specify URI format if i just want to do recommend(only a userlist as a testset?)?Or it's a whole process which can't be sperated into TEST/Evaluate and RECOMMEND BY A LIST ? If so,how can i get the results i want?
How about for recommending videos
It seems the demo site and docs site were down. Is this system under maintenance?
Hi, I see this problem when doing import librec using eclips