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  • Apr 03 2020 04:46
    pull[bot] synchronize #66
  • Apr 03 2020 04:46
    pull[bot] closed #66
  • Feb 23 2019 14:45

    AlessioMorale on next

    update credits LP-598 Fix auto-takeoff velocit… LP-598 clean-ups - AltitudeAtS… and 68 more (compare)

  • Jun 04 2018 07:31
    filnet review_request_removed #66
  • Jun 04 2018 07:31
    filnet review_requested #66
  • May 26 2018 17:55
    ranickpatra commented #66
  • May 26 2018 17:47
    filnet commented #66
  • May 26 2018 17:43
    ranickpatra opened #66
  • Apr 29 2018 23:05

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-567 fix compilation error wi… Merged in filnet/librepilot/LP-… (compare)

  • Apr 29 2018 17:55

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-315 FeilLun-FX127 template LP-315 Rise RXC270 template LP-315 Rise RXS255 template and 2 more (compare)

  • Apr 29 2018 17:50

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-303 workaround issue with fu… Merged in filnet/librepilot/LP-… (compare)

  • Apr 29 2018 17:40

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-585 Change the calc for chan… LP-585 Uncomment/fix openlrs de… LP-585 Add comments + typo and 2 more (compare)

  • Apr 29 2018 17:35

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-558 accept case insensitive … LP-558 change TRUE/FALSE to Tru… LP-567 uavobjectbrowser: improv… and 21 more (compare)

  • Apr 29 2018 17:30

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-551 Set default values in Ou… LP-551 Add warning for neutral … LP-551 Remove BankMode string a… and 32 more (compare)

  • Apr 29 2018 15:25

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-588 INS13 - Scale down Mag v… Merged in f5soh/librepilot/LP-5… (compare)

  • Apr 29 2018 15:15

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-572 Ressource cleannup lib/o… LP-572 WP Editor: Add Apply but… LP-572 WP Editor: Add online he… and 22 more (compare)

  • Apr 15 2018 14:50

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-566 upgrade to osgEarth 2.9 … LP-564 windows: upgrade to gstr… Merged in filnet/librepilot/LP-… and 1 more (compare)

  • Apr 06 2018 15:40

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-582 RevoNano: Fix missing fl… Merged in f5soh/librepilot/LP-5… (compare)

  • Apr 06 2018 15:35

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-575 Fedora 26 and 27: remove… LP-306 Launchpad: Build-deps fo… Merged in f5soh/librepilot/LP-3… and 1 more (compare)

  • Apr 06 2018 15:30

    AlessioMorale on next

    LP-564 Add ManualControlCommand… LP-564 Python script : Handle T… LP-564 Add comments about Armed… and 1 more (compare)

Sharath MK
@pfcoperez It worked man.. Thanks
Pablo Francisco Pérez Hidalgo
@Sharathmk99 Great! You're welcome
Panteleris Paschalis
Hey everyone, I ported some old Allesio Morale's python scripts to the latest librepilot stable (16.09) and did some bugfixing. It works nicely (https://bitbucket.org/padeler/librepilot/branch/pyuavtalk_scripts). Is there any interest to merge it to the project? I could open a python-api related issue and create a pull request for that.
Hi @padeler that's a great news!
Robert Casanova
Hi guys, we just buy a racing drone and we would like to extend cc3d capabilities adding an arduino for light etc. I see in the next branch uavobject is exposed via Serial. Is safe to use Next branch?
Hi @robertcasanova, next is of cause always a little bit experimental, but should be quite safe. Here's some more info on the arduino topic: https://librepilot.atlassian.net/wiki/display/LPDOC/Extend+a+Flightcontroller+with+an+Arduino
Iris Ockeloen
Hi @padeler we have an drone with cc3d where we have installed the librepilot 16.09 firmware. We try to read the telemetry data on our Raspberry Pi 3, which we have connected with the main port via the UART port of the pi. On the Rasperry pi we have run the example python script from the pyuavtalk_scripts branch. Unfortunately, we get a timeout during the connection step. Do you have any clue wat we are doing wrong? We have already checked that the serial ports are able to write and read data by connecting them to each other.
@robertcasanova I use "next" all time :) It's latest and has most bug fixes :) of course the better the software the longer people use it
actually it would be nice to have more people flying next
hi guys, does anyone knows how to build up CC3D firmware development environment. Use keil C or other software.
@mzzz1 for gcs i would use qt creator for firmware you can use any editor
@mashu thanks for your feedback. so any suggest for firmware development software.
@mzzz1 I think I would use Eclipse with GNU MCU Eclipse plugin https://gnu-mcu-eclipse.github.io/

I would start by coping target

~/librepilot$ cp -fr flight/targets/boards/cc3d/ flight/targets/boards/mashu

and adding to flight/Makefile your target

ALL_BOARDS += omnibusf4 omnibusf3 mashu
than 'make mashu' to build your target, where of course mashu is not real board, replace it with what you want
than you can poke around the code
@mzzz1 for CC3D flashing is a bit more tricky, than for F3/F4 mcu boards, you will need uart-serial adapter, but you could also use SWD port on the board and flash/debug through it I suppose
@marvin521 correction, actually its on bitbucket ;) https://bitbucket.org/corvusvcorax/librepilot/src theres a lot of branches there with ancient code including the slam stuff
hey folks, I am trying to figure out what GPS device I should purchase. It looks like it should support the UBX protocol but I am a little uncertain what device would work well my cc3d flight controller.
Hi guys, I'm not sure this is the proper place to ask but it's the most appropriate I could find so point me onward if you can :) I'm building by first multirotor at the moment and am running into trouble with my understanding of it. I have a cc3d board to use on the device. When I configure the ESCs is it this board that does it or should I try do it manually? How do I program the cc3d such that it will hover and correct and all that?
Paul Jewell
Suhail and KylieGS - head over to the forum as you will find people there willing and able to help answer your questions!
@paul-jewell Thanks!
Eric Price
@AlessioMorale are you here?
hmm not much traffic here ;)
wonder where chat went
Anyone still on here?
Last message was over a half year ago, seriously. Where else do you guys go? The IRC channel is also almost dead.
I think most dev chat is on slack nowadays, gitter never really was a thing but noone ever cared enough to pull the plug
how can one join the slack workspace?
Patrick Lemiuex
I got DJI GPS working with Libre Pilot, the latest version 16.09 r782 supports DJI Naza GPS natively and also supports NMIEA (9600 By default) on the revolution and works out of the box, fast and finding its satellites. However, my dilemma started while I had the connections taped together, I tried to make a custom cable and inadvertently shorted my Lumeneier vintage Revolution Open Pilot board (ordered a clone through China, 6 week delivery timeframe), it all worked beautifully in my TBS discovery. Do you know the color coding of the wires in the Naza GPS? I have red, blue, grey and the silver open wire (the ground or shielding?) I think I may have blown that too because I don't see a light come on. GPS. can I supply an kind of voltage to make it come on?