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Oct 2016
Antonio Salazar Cardozo
Oct 17 2016 00:08
Pretty excited about 3.0 final yeah! Been a looooooong time coming :)
@wackmich I think there's a lot of variety. Lift comes with two, mapper and record, meant for accessing a variety of databases.
But you can just as easily use it with slick or anything else you want.
You may want to ask on the mailing list since more people are generally active there.
Ari Gold
Oct 17 2016 05:48
Say @Shadowfiend , is the Lift Templating Guide mentioned in the CSS Selectors Doc something in progress? Or maybe it's planned?
Antonio Salazar Cardozo
Oct 17 2016 14:20
It was something I wanted to put together. The CSS selectors doc was something I wrote as the first step towards better documentation.
Sadly got pulled into other stuff before I got to move it further.
But part of the point was basically to use the writing to explore other things that would be useful.
Those links to nonexistent documents are part of that exploration.