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Feb 2017
Henrik Härkönen
Feb 26 2017 07:44
true, true. :) though I prefer co-located teams :)
recently I was in a company where I was the only developer and my boss was in another city. we had subcontracting team in another country. so 100% remote job, and I was going crazy at home all the time :)
Henrik Härkönen
Feb 26 2017 07:49
otoh, own company wouldn't differ that much at first...
unless I'd get my wife to join :)
Ethan Jewett
Feb 26 2017 12:43
Coworking spaces are pretty handy for this problem, at least in my experience :smile:
Henrik Härkönen
Feb 26 2017 15:10
hmm, true, actually I was thinking of that, but our local tech hub was fully booked back then. but good to keep in mind