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May 2017
Henrik Härkönen
May 19 2017 11:18
yo! anyone with experiences with lift and event sourcing way of going about? I'm very new to the ES idea, just heard about it couple months ago, and I'm, now toying with an app idea, that could benefit from that...
I was thinking that Lift would play nicely with it, because of the stateful nature of it
at least the aggregate part wouldn't need to replay events so often? of course snapshots are to alleviate that, but still, it sounds good :)
I was looking at Akka Persistence for it, but maybe there's better options...
Antonio Salazar Cardozo
May 19 2017 13:16
Haven't looked too deeply into it, but it seems like event sourcing combined with comet actors is a likely excellent combo.
Since comet actors are basically local event sourcing.
Or can be.
Ari Gold
May 19 2017 14:23

say, is it possible to run one test?

i tried testOnly LiftSessionSpec but no :game_die: :game_die:

Antonio Salazar Cardozo
May 19 2017 14:43
testOnly requires a fully qualified name unfortunately, but supports wildcards!
For that I'd probably use testOnly *LiftSession*.
Ari Gold
May 19 2017 14:45
worked like a charm! thanks!
found the testOnly doc too i think :)