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Jun 2017
Ari Gold
Jun 02 2017 21:13
say @farmdawgnation dunno if you’re on today buuuut: this is what i’ve got
  "LiftSession when building deferred functions" should {

    "not fail when the underlying container request is null" in {
      val session = new LiftSession("Test Session", "", Empty)

      def stubFunction: () => Int = () => 3

      S.init(Empty, session) {

        val attempt = tryo(session.buildDeferredFunction(stubFunction))

        attempt must beEmpty
right now i’ve got the old code. that is, ^ should fail.
but i’m getting Full(net.liftweb.http.LiftSession$$Lambda$10412/1748374708@261d80ea)' is not empty (LiftSessionSpec.scala:107)
my thought was that buildDeferredFunction would fail, giving the tryo a Failure.