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    [Andrey Samokhvalov, lightning] 6
    [Andrey Samokhvalov, lightning] 7
    Olaoluwa Osuntokun
    what's sameroom?
    join gitter channel
    Olaoluwa Osuntokun
    setting up a proper irc one now
    The thing of gitter is to have one room for all people
    and message history
    and github integration
    Roasbeef @Roasbeef sighs
    Olaoluwa Osuntokun
    yeh I guess
    w/e got IRC up now
    Hi @AndrewSamokhvalov when should i use gitter and when should i use slack? :)
    Is the idea to move everyone to Gitter and not use Slack at all?
    i liked the volcanic lightning photo better :p
    Olaoluwa Osuntokun
    volcanic lightning is best lightning
    i've got this bridged on IRC now, so don't need to have an additional chrome tab open all the time ;)
    i think the idea is for this (in addition to #lnd on freenode) be the center for discussion, troubleshooting, colab, etc for those that don't think IRC is pretty enough :p
    Oh I see. So this is open to anyone?
    Olaoluwa Osuntokun
    yeh, you just need github or twitter to sign up
    Is there a recommended place to discuss general lightning network ideas and development that's independent of lnd/eclair/c-lightning?
    Noah Bastola
    hi there, I was wondering if anyone could answer a question I had about the lightning network versus something like a distributed network that raiblocks has? Are there any advantages between one against the other?
    Joel Thomas
    hey guys is it possible to run lnd on mainnet ?
    Hi! This question has probably been answered a few times, although I can't seem to see it in the chat. How does one broadcast ones public IP with LND?
    Is there another channel which is more active for LND?
    Matt Campbell
    @sangoma0 the slack is active
    @tuxx42 yea it's possible since 0.4 release
    hi all, im running btcd and lnd and for some reason i cannot get my node to show https://explorer.acinq.co/ Ive set up the config with external ip and listening ip and still no luck
    Hi, I created an address via lncli create, I stored the seed phrase but didnt write down the bitcoin address
    is there a command that I cna see the address?
    hello guys
    Do the commands in this video exist in lnd? :"https://blog.lightning.engineering/announcement/2017/11/16/ln-swap.html" eg:--in_ticker=BTC --out_ticker=LTC????
    hello anyone here?
    Adrian Andronache
    I try to create a lnd node
    and when I use lnci create

    I get this Generating fresh cipher seed...

    [lncli] unable to generate seed: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = grpc: the connection is unavailable

    I tried connecting it to bitcoind
    lnd --bitcoin.active --bitcoin.testnet --debuglevel=debug --bitcoin.node=bitcoind --bitcoind.rpcuser=xx --bitcoind.rpcpass=xx --bitcoind.zmqpath=tcp:// --noencryptwallet replace the rpcuser and rpcpass to try
    Diego Cerdán
    Hi guys!
    Is this room somehow active?
    Surya Bakshi
    anyone online here?
    Any reference how to backup/restore wallet?
    Haddar Macdasi
    If one generates a paymentRequest , is it possible to send to the same payment twice? or should the service generate each time new invoice for same amount ?
    Ok got it

    Hey Lightning Community! Would like to say i respect the work you all put into the project and have been really interested in learning more about the technical side of things. Without you guys working on scaling with layer 2, we wouldn't be advancing at such a rate.

    I came across an interesting debate going lately on the overall general consensus issues and felt the Devs here would be some of the best to shed some light on.

    Kyle Samani from Multicoin and Will Martino from Kadena are hosting an AMA - Town Hall style on the next wednesday (20th) over at Discord - inviting specifically blockchain devs and high level players in the space to drop questions on the issue of:

    -Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake. Pivoting around New Findings, Perspectives & Tradeoffs

    Having higher level discussion from peeps such as yourselves would be of utter value - so do join !

    Proof: https://twitter.com/kadena_io/status/1104102013355335680
    Discord: https://discord.io/kadena