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  • Dec 30 2019 12:37

    zoli on master

    Utterly unimportant style edit … Merge pull request #589 from ma… (compare)

  • Dec 30 2019 12:37
    zoli closed #589
  • Dec 29 2019 18:40
    martylanger opened #589
  • Dec 11 2019 20:15

    zoli on go16-zoli

    change in package names (compare)

  • Dec 06 2019 17:17
    Travis limetext/backend (master) errored (234)
  • Dec 06 2019 17:05

    zoli on master

    Set active view after OnNew eve… small changes (compare)

  • Dec 02 2019 17:54
    Travis limetext/backend (master) errored (233)
  • Dec 02 2019 17:42

    zoli on master

    Increase log4go caller skip se… (compare)

  • Dec 02 2019 17:40

    zoli on master

    Enable setting runtime caller s… (compare)

  • Nov 05 2019 21:16
    Travis limetext/lime-termbox (master) errored (36)
  • Nov 05 2019 21:01

    zoli on master

    show caret at the end of lines (compare)

  • Nov 03 2019 19:10

    zoli on master

    temproray comment deprecated fu… (compare)

  • Nov 02 2019 12:31
    dependabot[bot] labeled #49
  • Nov 02 2019 12:31

    dependabot[bot] on bundler

    Bump nokogiri from 1.10.3 to 1.… (compare)

  • Nov 02 2019 12:31
    dependabot[bot] opened #49
  • Oct 23 2019 22:34
    erbridge closed #3
  • Oct 13 2019 12:54
    kcg100 commented on 7c7e2cc
  • Oct 13 2019 12:52
    kcg100 commented on 7c7e2cc
  • Oct 13 2019 12:51
    kcg100 closed #51
  • Oct 13 2019 12:43
Felix Laurie von Massenbach
http://braumeister.org/formula/python3 implies that 3.5 should be available
Felix Laurie von Massenbach
we're not actually installing python3, which would be problematic
Matt Peterson
Okie dokie. I will add that.
Felix Laurie von Massenbach
just brew install python3 should do it
sorry, brew update then brew install python3
looks like you got it
Matt Peterson
Crossing my fingers...
Might need oniguruma...
I've been considering making a buildbot on one of my servers to produce nightly builds of LimeText. One for each package manager / OS
Felix Laurie von Massenbach
that would be awesome
Matt Peterson
And, since we are an open source project, I should be able to produce static builds, with Qt linked in :)
On windows anyway. That would be unnecessary on Linux/OSX
O.o Travis died because it couldn't resolve github.com????
Felix Laurie von Massenbach
Yeah, saw that
Felix Laurie von Massenbach
Looks like we might have to try again later
Felix Laurie von Massenbach
looks like it worked (though Travis' status update script appears to be broken)
Hi! Whats the status of this project now? Usable?
Matt Peterson
It works okay for very basic text editing
A lot of features are still missing or broken
Suraj Patil
Did you guys know that brew collects analytics now onwards?
brew analytics off the way to turn it off
it eats a lot of time for my iterm2 to load
Matt Peterson
Suraj Patil
well, to be fair to them, they want to understand how users use the s/w
@ricochet1k If there is anything simple to do for lime, do let me know
Harshit Garg
Hello World
Shawn Abtey
Hi so i got the project built so i could see how everything works i see that when i hit space bar it doesn't read it and when i hit it a second time the program goes back to the terminal. Does this happen for anyone else? I'm using the lime-qml frontend in ubuntu 16.04
Lars Tørnes Hansen

To me it looks like the website (limetext.org) hasn't been updated for a very long time. Last post in news was 2013 Dec 24.

I thougt that limetext had become a dead project, but I decided to look for a chat room, becaue I renembered that there was a Giiter thing. BTW it is the first time ever I am using Gitter.

Lars, same reasone for me =)
hi there
@larsth Same here
Is any admin here? This looks claustrophobic: http://funkyimg.com/i/2nzyM.png
I mean the image/screenshot and the first line here on the bottom - i think one line distance between them look fine :)
Francisco Manno
Hi, so as a result of some review comments for https://github.com/limetext/backend/pull/121/ I made several commits and had to rebase with latest changes in master... but now the pull request looks really bad... too many commits. What's the policy? Should I squash them?
I'm also thinking may I shouldn't have rebased?
Faruk Uzun
Hi, i just compiled/installed lime, i'm using limeqml interface on arch linux, how can i install sublime plugins? also when i open python files i couldn't see any syntax highlighting, couldnt find anything in wiki or issues
i have no idea how to install it tbh
i think this room here is unmaintained
Hi, is the project still active?
not sure
From what I've read it sounds like it's still active, just moving slowly because people are busy
Are there any instructions how to build it on Windows?
Bah, project's dead :D
Qi Yin
For help
lime-qml:/usr/local/Cellar/qt5/5.8.0_1/include/QtCore/5.8.0/QtCore/private/qobject_p.h:55:10: fatal error: 'QtCore/private/qglobal_p.h' file not found
In fact, there is this file