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Repo info
the full error log is here https://codepaste.net/2cnn3f
Hoot live stream app
is there a mac binary available
@hoot_app_twitter no, you have to build it by your own
Are there any instructions for a build on Linux? If there are I can create a pkgbuild for Arch Linux
Sorry. For it
David Branch
I am trying to make a .desktop file to add to launcher in U16.04LTS. I have the command pointing to an .sh file I made which includes the commands to set the path and open lime text. RIght now I can only use lime text by opening terminal and running 4 different commands. my goal is to have one click from teh launcher to open lime text. can anyone help?
@prognewb_twitter put those four commands in a shell script and have the launcher Exec that. doesn't it work?
hello everyone
Aren Villanueva
Hello :)
Aren Villanueva
Murilo Farias
What about putting this project under the Apache Incubator initiative (https://incubator.apache.org/) like Netbeans did?
I think it would give the project more visibility and could finally give it the momentum it needs to reach a usable state.
Lime Text is really awesome when it works! It's sad to see it slowly languishing. :worried:
Is the limetext living now?
Aren Villanueva
Seems dead
Josue Ramirez
Hi, is this still a thing?
I just found out about this project and wanted to see the status of its release at it seems like it was delayed or interrupted
Ricardo Valdovinos
I take it the project is dead?
Ricardo Valdovinos
I haven't really seen much activity and I'm also getting an error with qml-go, it seems gt 5.11 is unsupported.
Jonathan Richer
can i install it as a text editor?
looks dead to me!
The current version of the backend fails to compile, if I can get it working I'd fork it and start working on it.
can you show me how to use Lime in command line ?
@larrikinist_gitlab Did you succeed? With older libs or anything..?
Kshitij Kotasthane
What is this text editor ?
Saumya Garg
Have you guys seen Chime? https://www.chimehq.com/
Looks similar to limetext
Thomas Boerger
is anybody of the maintainers interested in receiving contributions to resurrect this project? i really like the idea :)
Dmitry Opokin
I think rust all make batter) But today it is really hard compete with other editors like atom/vscode or another.
Saumya Garg
me too
@tboerger me too. plan to put some time into this after a few months
Thomas Boerger
Are you a maintainer? Or also just interested in getting involved? :)
Nate Schreiner
@tboerger I'd love to get this project back up and running. Been looking for an open-source Go project to start contributing too. The issue is I can't get the tests passing right now for limetext. Getting a "Data race" error running the tests.
Hello everyone. I am a student and currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in CSE. I have learned C and C++. Please advice me on what to do next.
Thomas Boerger
The project seems to be dead.... Sadly...
Christian Francia
hey guys trying to make my first pull request with you guys, I created a separate branch and have my ssh keys set for my github but when trying to push to the branch I created I get the error ERROR: Permission to limetext/lime-termbox.git denied to ctfrancia. I cloned the repo via ssh and the answers I saw mentioned opening up the .git/config and changing it to git@github.com/.... but that doesn't seem right
nvm... looks like the project is dead
Thomas Boerger
For the future, use the git remote command, origin is referring to the upstream repo, you should rename it to upstream and add your fork as origin. Than you are able to pull upstream changes and merge them into your fork