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    dependabot[bot] labeled #49
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  • Nov 02 12:31
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    zoli closed #9
Hoot live stream app
is there a mac binary available
Yongning Liang
@hoot_app_twitter no, you have to build it by your own
Are there any instructions for a build on Linux? If there are I can create a pkgbuild for Arch Linux
Sorry. For it
David Branch
I am trying to make a .desktop file to add to launcher in U16.04LTS. I have the command pointing to an .sh file I made which includes the commands to set the path and open lime text. RIght now I can only use lime text by opening terminal and running 4 different commands. my goal is to have one click from teh launcher to open lime text. can anyone help?
@prognewb_twitter put those four commands in a shell script and have the launcher Exec that. doesn't it work?
hello everyone
Aren Villanueva
Hello :)
Cristina Santana
Aren Villanueva
Cristina Santana
Murilo Farias
What about putting this project under the Apache Incubator initiative (https://incubator.apache.org/) like Netbeans did?
I think it would give the project more visibility and could finally give it the momentum it needs to reach a usable state.
Lime Text is really awesome when it works! It's sad to see it slowly languishing. :worried:
Is the limetext living now?
Aren Villanueva
Seems dead
Josue Ramirez
Hi, is this still a thing?
I just found out about this project and wanted to see the status of its release at it seems like it was delayed or interrupted
Ricardo Valdovinos
I take it the project is dead?
Ricardo Valdovinos
I haven't really seen much activity and I'm also getting an error with qml-go, it seems gt 5.11 is unsupported.
Jonathan Richer
can i install it as a text editor?
looks dead to me!
The current version of the backend fails to compile, if I can get it working I'd fork it and start working on it.
can you show me how to use Lime in command line ?
@larrikinist_gitlab Did you succeed? With older libs or anything..?
Kshitij Kotasthane
What is this text editor ?