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Dec 2015
Kingsley Idehen
Dec 17 2015 19:04
@csarven how do I save annotations to a document location of my own choosing? Ideally, this would boil down to supporting one of: WebDAV, LDP, SPARQL Update, or SPARQL Graph Protocol.
1 -- includes abstraction for the generic I/O mentioned above.
Sarven Capadisli
Dec 17 2015 22:52
@kidehen dokieli is using LDP/Solid and the draft Solid ripples/pingback.
@kidehen I'm hoping to resolve linkeddata/dokieli#36 which will make everything a lot more clear.
The current examples in the repository don't reflect all the features that's available. I will push an example document, which may or may not be the same for issue 36..
@rhiaro wanted this as well.
Sarven Capadisli
Dec 17 2015 22:57
@kidehen There are two ways; 1) if the server in which the documented is hosted from has Solid available, great, it will let the user auth, then send the User header which includes the webid. JS will get that, FYN to its preferencesFile, get a hold of your pimspace workspace, do magic, and then try to write your annotation to a suitable location in your own space.
2) the document lets you "login"/auth which pretty much goes through the same process as above. The server hosting the document doesn't need to have solid, .. only your storage space. When I say Solid, it is actually LDP with some useful/important additions.