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Dec 2015
Kingsley Idehen
Dec 18 2015 00:17
@csarven I have a pim:storage relation in my WebID-Profile doc. Thus, shouldn't that be enough re., storage location discovery? The rest of the matter is down to authentication protocols supported by my storage server.
@csarven It would still be nice if you support a variety of protocols rather than just LDP. You should be able to reuse the abstraction we have in the RDF Editor to achieve that goal.
Sarven Capadisli
Dec 18 2015 14:20
@kidehen Thanks for the screencast. I went through it. I think it was different than the other one I've seen not too long ago on the editor. I like the autocomplete quite a bit. That's something dokieli will have as well. Are you preloading a few vocabularies or fetching them dynamically? We would need to go through a proxy for docs sitting on https. Not a big deal.
@kidehen Yes, pim:storage should be sufficient, provided that it can find workspaces/containers I suppose. The pim:preferenceFile indicates those locations, so that's more helpful IMO. However, the UI can let the user FYN is fine.. Actually working on that particular part as we speak.
@kidehen Supporting more than LDP is fine.. I'm just trying to get one of of them off the ground :) Let me get my 80 working ;)
Sarven Capadisli
Dec 18 2015 14:37
I can't recall why I decided to use prefix="this: <url>" instead of the base element. Cany anyone remind me? :D