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Jan 2016
Tim Berners-Lee
Jan 19 2016 08:56
Agreed that the ?edit=true is good to phase out. The URI should be for the thing not the view
You could store things about the particulat view I have n the document but also in my dokeili prefernces
(like #100)
It is reasonable to disable editing I suppose if you know that the user does not have write access,
Melvin Carvalho
Jan 19 2016 08:58
@timbl so what should the URI be of a single page app with more than one view?
Tim Berners-Lee
Jan 19 2016 08:59
or if you know that the user is not the author and the author wants to be theonly editor, I suppose, whatever the ACLs. But if you disable editing explain why
Tim Berners-Lee
Jan 19 2016 09:09
Ok, now I am happily entering text
I don’t see controls for styling, headings, etc
Sarven Capadisli
Jan 19 2016 12:41
re: storing user preferences, we have an issue for it.
Editing and saving (which may or may not require "write access") are different procedures. I think dokieli should provide the ability to "edit" any document anywhere (on/offline). Whether the user wants to save that somewhere, that's entirely up to them. If for instance, they have nowhere to write, they can still "export" (see the menu) the document and store locally.
I mean to export the file and save to disk (sort of like brower's File->Save As).
Sarven Capadisli
Jan 19 2016 12:47
There is also the local storage option.. you can get stuff done that way as well. If the user gets back online, they can pretty much just click 'save'.
The controls for formatting, annotating etc are visible (they pop up) when you select/highlight some text.
There is a todo item which will customize the UI/editor based on the ACLs. For instance, by default anyone can annotate and notify the resource's inboxes. But, those are all annotations stored in the contributors pod. A user with an editor role however, more or less go through the same procedure with the difference that the annotation-like thing is like a footnote/citation - that is however stored with the document itself.
Sarven Capadisli
Jan 19 2016 13:03
@dmitrizagidulin [✓] Display notifications from inboxes.
Dmitri Zagidulin
Jan 19 2016 13:05
nicely done :)