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Jan 2016
Vladimir Alexiev
Jan 21 2016 09:40
Hi all! Very interesting. But following @timbl: how do I insert a Heading? or an Author? Affiliation? etc. I can edit existing text in place, but can't see how I can add structure.
A suggestion: what would be really interesting is to somehow integrate this with orgmode. It's a much better way to edit an article than either of HTML or Latex. @olberger you had some discussion with Kitchin at, what do you think?
Sarven Capadisli
Jan 21 2016 14:50
@VladimirAlexiev Thanks for the trigger. Created linkeddata/dokieli#110 - Feel free to expand.
A structure is not imposed yet when you create a new document, and that's because #110 is missing. This will also minimize HTML errors (because really don't want people to handcode anything ..), and contribute towards interoperable documents (e.g., the triples in RDFa will come out out of the box since it is just going through the template).