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Jun 2016
Tim Berners-Lee
Jun 14 2016 02:25
The Center for Open Science (Cos) was at the Archive meeting.
Sarven Capadisli
Jun 14 2016 03:28
I couldn't recall COS but I'm aware of Open Science Framework which they work on/with.
Sarven Capadisli
Jun 14 2016 14:24 -- At the moment, it takes user input (text highlighting or text entry) for an indicator and a reference area. Does a query for datasets with partial label with that indicator and matching reference area with observations at . Returns applicable datasets for the user to select from. User then inserts a sparkline (a sentence level line chart) in SVG, and adds further RDFa relations.
Amy Guy
Jun 14 2016 14:24
Melvin Carvalho
Jun 14 2016 14:24
very nice!