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Jul 2016
Brent Shambaugh
Jul 05 2016 19:45
As a heads up, Dataverse "Open source research data repository software" is having their community and privacy day July 11 - 13 at Harvard Medical School. I signed up. It's free.
Sarven Capadisli
Jul 05 2016 19:57
@bshambaugh Thanks for the heads-up. I will try to attend.
Sarven Capadisli
Jul 05 2016 20:06
Signed up.
Linked Data Notifications: is an "Editor's Draft" in the W3C Social Web WG.
Linked Data Notifications is a protocol to facilitate exchanging messages between applications which consume Linked Data.
Issues are here: and there is also for discussion.
dokieli is a sender and consumer of LDN. Working with systems like Solid (receiver).
Sarven Capadisli
Jul 05 2016 20:12
The idea is that when there is an activity of some sort e.g., annotation, a notification (in RDF) can be sent to a subject's inbox (that can be any thing, a profile, a section, paragraph, ... essentially a URI). Senders and consumers can utilise that information for different purposes. shows an annotation (as an aside) that was retrieved by first looking at the document's inbox, and then finding its notifications, looking into the notification to discover the annotation, getting the annotation and injecting it back into the document (as an aside).
dokieli already had this implemented, and it is closely aligned with how we POST/GET resources (like from an LDP Container). The LDN spec is formalising this based on the experience we had in dokieli and the Solid project.
There are still areas to clarify better, as well as improvements on the implementations. If you have any input/views/ideas/(dis)agreements, please chime in.